Content Management – The Social Media Shock!

Social Media Shock

“A strategy that worked last year is not good enough today. If you are seeing a decline in your Facebook reach, it is not unusual. According to AgoraPulse, From July 2013 to July 2014, 71 percent of company Facebook pages had a loss in organic reach of at least 30 percent, a cataclysmic decline.


According to Facebook, there is simply too much stuff. The average Facebook user now has the opportunity to see nearly 2,000 Facebook posts a day.”

This article was featured on Social Media Today but it brings us to present day. In 2015 we are in a world of Content Marketing. It is not social media marketing, it is content marketing. What worked a year ago to get reactions on Facebook or Twitter, will not work this year. Our social media feeds are getting clogged with content. There is so much content in a world where the average US adult has the attention Span of a gold fish. What does this mean to you and your business?

You are going to have to think like a gold fish! Content must be able to be good, great even, but you must be able to get your point across in seconds, not minutes. Think to yourself – in a sea of the 2000 plus posts – what will make yours stand out?


Playing The Social Media Game

Social Media is changing again before our eyes! To market your business well, you need to be aware of these changes and what that means to your 2015 marketing plan! No longer is Facebook that powerhouse that it once was, granted it is still dominating, but you need to be looking at ways to reach your audience where they are at and on their level. Users on twitter are different, they consume media differently than those on Facebook. Instagram and Vine need to be considered in 2015 for your business, let’s not forget our blogs and even snapchat!

In 2015 it will no longer be about the status update! It will be all about content, human content – not perfect content. For a business to stand out the content is going to have to be meaningful, humorous, fun-filled and with heart. 2015 will be a year of light and fluffy in all video glory. Encourage your marketeers to be ready at a moment’s notice to capture that moment to sell.

Apps and tools are available to make any smart phone user a filmmaker and photographer.

Make plans and get creative! For more tips and advice reach out to PIP Triad!

Socialnomics 2014 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Breakfast and Learn!

PIP Printing and Marketing Services Of The Triad will officially start back with their educational series with their first Breakfast and Learn on June 4th, 2014. Marketing director Jessica Byerly will be presenting Socialnomics 2014 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Byerly will focus on the changes happening in social media, what has changed, and what is to come.

PIP Triad’s training seminars have been part of a packed house professional courtesy of the centers owners Jimmy and Judy Brumley. Each one featuring an action packed education session and Q&A.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 1.42.13 PM

Do you get overwhelmed with the constant sea of constant change in social media? 2014 has kicked off with huge changes that will absolutely impact the way you market your business online. This Seminar will bring you up to speed of the recent changes that may affect you and your business.

If you are interested in attending, be sure to register online. Seating is limited and fills up fast!

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Proud NEW Members of Pinterest!

Since we’ve encouraged our readers and customers to take advantage of as many social media opportunities as they can handle… we thought we should follow our own advice and finally jump on the Pinterest train!

Everyone can use an inspirational boost from time to time and successful businesses, as well as individuals, are happy to share their own and build off of others’ ideas. What better resource than a virtual pin board? If you or your business haven’t explored this wonderful site, check it out and start brainstorming today!

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Burlington Hits Vegas!!

This week our Marketing Director Jessica Byerly went to the Big City of Las Vegas to be a speaker at PODi App Forum 2013. She was asked to speak on the topic of Social Media, Building Fan Engagement and Growth.


We would love to talk to your business about Social Media. It changes everyday and you really need someone dedicated to doing it right! We are here to help, either to manage programs for you or to train your staff how to manage!

Call today we would love to help!

Training Services Now Available Through Growth Marketing!

Growth Marketing is very excited to offer both one on one and group training sessions. Over the past month Jessica Byerly – Marketing Director for Growth Marketing and PIP Printing and Marketing Services has held several training sessions.

During the month of August – Jessica did a one on one training session with Adelaide’s Vintage Home & Garden on how to use Facebook and Pinterest to move inventory. During the two hour interactive training session – Adelaide learned techniques on how to use her iphone each morning to showcase items to move inventory. So far to date – Adelaide’s Vintage Home & Garden has been posting items daily. Most days the item posted is sold quickly.

Two Hours Worth of Training paid for itself in less than one morning!

Growth Marketing also opened it’s doors to the team from Deja Groove Salon and Spa. We did two sessions for their staff and 2 hour morning session and a 2 hour afternoon session. Both sessions were interactive – in less than one day they went from 54 fans and no content on their facebook page… 179 Fans and fresh content and exclusive Facebook offers.

Training can be done on a individual or group basis – your location or ours.

Topics Can include but are not limited to

– Twitter

-Facebook Pages

-Facebook Marketing

-Google +

-Email Marketing

-Text Marketing



-Understanding Your Fan-base

and more – pick one topic or two!

If your staff or team could benefit from a training session – please call Jessica Today To Schedule.


Socially Inclined

This week’s issue of the Triad Business Journal there is an article written by Ms. Catherine Carlock about a dental practice in Greensboro and their Social Media Marketing. They are doing things right! Dr. Civils and his wife are using Social Media to their advantage. Carlock talks about the time it takes to do Social Media the right way. Devoting enough time and choosing the right channels. The Civils are doing both Facebook and Twitter!

As it stated in the article not every Social Media Channel is right for you. Explore where your customers are at – Are they twitter users, Facebook users, do they spend their time on YouTube or reading articles.

Just having a page or presence is good but not good enough. You have to engage your clients. We often hear from clients that they post things and never get a response. Did you know that the time of day you post has a lot to do with the engagement level?

MBA Online did a study last year about how consumers consume their media, Social Media included. Take a look and see – who are your customers? and when are they looking for media?

Social Media – is also a 24 hour 7 day a week job – There is always a possibility that someone will post, ask a question, write a referral, or seek information. You need to be ready and willing to respond.