It is all in the meat…

You did it! You have set up a Facebook page and opened a Twitter account! You are doing better than 35% of the businesses out there. Having a Social Media presence means you plan on being in business in five years. Good for you! Now what? How often do you update? What do you say? How often do you ask for business or make a sales pitch?

These are all very good questions. You need to be out there every day and at least once a day! Keep a daily reminder of why the consumer liked your page to begin with. Keep the content informative, educational, and FUN. Ask questions and get involved with your Fans/Followers. If they respond to your post, respond back. “Yes, you are right,” or “We agree.” Build engagement!

With Twitter, it is a different audience and a different style of conversation. You only have only 140 characters in Twitter with which to communicate. There are “@” and “#” links. Twitter is short bursts of information and comments. If doing Social Media correctly, a business should spend 10+ hours a month just managing their Social Media presence.  However, for small business owners, and large for that matter, this seems like a huge undertaking. If this is too much for you, call us. We have ways to help! Call 336-222-0717.

This video was produced based on the #1 international best-selling book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. It is the latest in the most watched social media series in the world. Our marketing director, Jessica Byerly attended a conference with Erik Qualman last October and is bringing that knowledge to you!