PIP Triad’s Top Apps Of 2014!

With bloggers around the world and top tech companies giving you their top apps of 2014 – we here at PIP Triad wanted to give you a taste of our own! We surveyed our employee’s to see what was their favorite app in 2014 and here is what we learned!

Judy Brumley – PIP Triad Owner

“Pandora, love my music when I am traveling in the car, at work or even cooking…special quiet time for myself. Also the Starbucks app, I can download a little money to have on my phone when I need that caffeine jolt in the middle of the day.”

Chris Reneau – PIP Triad Business Growth Consultant

“I use Instagram alot. I link it to Facebook and Twitter so I can post one time and it covers all my social media.  I also use the USA Today app to keep up with news, sports & sports scores and the WFMY2 weather app.”

Greg Mullis – PIP Triad Production Manager

“We use the TWC TV app. It gives us a second TV in our home”

Karen Lee-Nix – PIP Triad Business Growth Consultant

“My favorite app for the iPad is “It’s Christmas!”–a Christmas trivia game about the real meaning of Christmas by All American Trivia Games. “It’s Christmas!” helped get me in the Christmas spirit.”

Michelle Walker – PIP Triad Designer and Lee Whitaker – PIP Triad Sales Representative

Both selected Netflix as their app of choice! Michelle for the movies and Lee for House of Cards!

Jessica Byerly – PIP Triad Marketing Director

“For Me it is Vine! I love to laugh – I follow people from around the world and get a 6-second comic loop from each one almost everyday. Brings joy and laughter to me right in the palm of my hand”

These are just a few of our favorite PIP Triad apps for 2014! Please feel free to comment below on what yours is!