Marketing your business in 2016

Marketing your business is already hard, right? As a business owner or operator you know how awesome you are, and how stellar the products and services you offer! However, getting that message into the hands of a potential customer is extremely tiring and costly at times.

Every person and every generation all consume media differently. Do you do TV commercials, place an ad in the newspaper or yellow pages, use direct mail, billboards, paid search or the guy on the side of the road dancing with a sign?

While dancing sign guys can be very effective, will that work in 2016? In 2016 you have so many major events going on vying for the consumer’s attention. You have a presidential election, the 2016 Olympics, and much more.

In a 24 hour time period in 2015 the average consumer sees 3,000 messages or advertisements. In 2016 with political advertising in full effect, you could see that number increase from 25 to 50%.

What will make your business stand out from the rest? Your message has to be able to gain their attention. Not only do you have to be able to grab their attention, you have to fight for available real estate for all mediums. Prices will ebb and flow because space will be an issue throughout most of the year, then once the election is over you will be in full holiday marketing zone.


Understanding Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how much traffic your website was getting? How do people come to your website? What do they do on your website? Or better yet – have you ever asked yourself why is my website not producing revenue? PIP is here to help you understand!

Schedule a Understanding Google Analytics Training Session and our Marketing Director Jessica Byerly will come to your office and train you how to read and understand your Analytics from your website.  Space is limited and each session is 2 hours in length! Right now this offer is only $250.00!

To take advantage of this offer please email Jessica here to see what times are available, or please call our office! Please Call 888-927-8290 or 888-346-1169.


Alamance Chamber hosts Business Development Series

A week from today, the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the next of the Business Development Series : Planning Your Marketing Calendar 

From 11:30 am – 1:00 pm next Tuesday, May 14th, NorthStar Marketing & Communications’ Andy Lynch will be discussing how to better prepare your company’s marketing efforts verses hasting decisions often thrown together to hit pressing deadlines. He will be guiding listeners in how to develop an effective marketing calendar using “campaign thinking” to make you and your employees’ marketing efforts happen on time and on purpose!

Lunch will be provided. The deadline to register is May 13th at noon by visiting

The Piedmont School Logo Design

We are so happy to be assisting The Piedmont School’s growth through a brand new website as well as new branding!

Still in the early stages of this project, here is a sneak peek of their new logo by our design team here at PIP Burlington.

The Piedmont School Logo

Just to give a bit of insight on the development of this design, The Piedmont School is a K-H  school for students ages 5-13 with learning disabilities. Principal Tim Montgomery describes it as an “Educational Oasis”.  By offering a sense of relief for parents and their children who have been searching for just the right place for their bright minds, The Piedmont School, “Quenches the thirst of students who learn differently”. More information on The Piedmont School and our design process will continued to be shared. Stay tuned!


Proud NEW Members of Pinterest!

Since we’ve encouraged our readers and customers to take advantage of as many social media opportunities as they can handle… we thought we should follow our own advice and finally jump on the Pinterest train!

Everyone can use an inspirational boost from time to time and successful businesses, as well as individuals, are happy to share their own and build off of others’ ideas. What better resource than a virtual pin board? If you or your business haven’t explored this wonderful site, check it out and start brainstorming today!

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