Content Management – The Social Media Shock!

Social Media Shock

“A strategy that worked last year is not good enough today. If you are seeing a decline in your Facebook reach, it is not unusual. According to AgoraPulse, From July 2013 to July 2014, 71 percent of company Facebook pages had a loss in organic reach of at least 30 percent, a cataclysmic decline.


According to Facebook, there is simply too much stuff. The average Facebook user now has the opportunity to see nearly 2,000 Facebook posts a day.”

This article was featured on Social Media Today but it brings us to present day. In 2015 we are in a world of Content Marketing. It is not social media marketing, it is content marketing. What worked a year ago to get reactions on Facebook or Twitter, will not work this year. Our social media feeds are getting clogged with content. There is so much content in a world where the average US adult has the attention Span of a gold fish. What does this mean to you and your business?

You are going to have to think like a gold fish! Content must be able to be good, great even, but you must be able to get your point across in seconds, not minutes. Think to yourself – in a sea of the 2000 plus posts – what will make yours stand out?

PIP Triad’s Top Apps Of 2014!

With bloggers around the world and top tech companies giving you their top apps of 2014 – we here at PIP Triad wanted to give you a taste of our own! We surveyed our employee’s to see what was their favorite app in 2014 and here is what we learned!

Judy Brumley – PIP Triad Owner

“Pandora, love my music when I am traveling in the car, at work or even cooking…special quiet time for myself. Also the Starbucks app, I can download a little money to have on my phone when I need that caffeine jolt in the middle of the day.”

Chris Reneau – PIP Triad Business Growth Consultant

“I use Instagram alot. I link it to Facebook and Twitter so I can post one time and it covers all my social media.  I also use the USA Today app to keep up with news, sports & sports scores and the WFMY2 weather app.”

Greg Mullis – PIP Triad Production Manager

“We use the TWC TV app. It gives us a second TV in our home”

Karen Lee-Nix – PIP Triad Business Growth Consultant

“My favorite app for the iPad is “It’s Christmas!”–a Christmas trivia game about the real meaning of Christmas by All American Trivia Games. “It’s Christmas!” helped get me in the Christmas spirit.”

Michelle Walker – PIP Triad Designer and Lee Whitaker – PIP Triad Sales Representative

Both selected Netflix as their app of choice! Michelle for the movies and Lee for House of Cards!

Jessica Byerly – PIP Triad Marketing Director

“For Me it is Vine! I love to laugh – I follow people from around the world and get a 6-second comic loop from each one almost everyday. Brings joy and laughter to me right in the palm of my hand”

These are just a few of our favorite PIP Triad apps for 2014! Please feel free to comment below on what yours is!

The Piedmont School Logo Design

We are so happy to be assisting The Piedmont School’s growth through a brand new website as well as new branding!

Still in the early stages of this project, here is a sneak peek of their new logo by our design team here at PIP Burlington.

The Piedmont School Logo

Just to give a bit of insight on the development of this design, The Piedmont School is a K-H  school for students ages 5-13 with learning disabilities. Principal Tim Montgomery describes it as an “Educational Oasis”.  By offering a sense of relief for parents and their children who have been searching for just the right place for their bright minds, The Piedmont School, “Quenches the thirst of students who learn differently”. More information on The Piedmont School and our design process will continued to be shared. Stay tuned!


No Control Website?

For years now your friends brother’s cousin has had control of your website. There has not been any changes done to the site. It has sat for years and years. The phone numbers have changed, hours of operation of have changed…and you have even added new locations that are not listed on your website. You have old employees that have moved out-of-state listed and since the last update you have remodeled your location and it no longer looks the same.

Sound Familiar?

We see this happen time and time again. It is a great that you have a web presence. There are still companies today that do not have a website. However,  you need control of your website. Coding is still rather difficult and sites are built-in code. However here at PIP we build our sites on what is called a Content Management System.

This is a system that will allow you the owner of YOUR website to manage it yourself. A Content management System (otherwise known as CMS) is a computer system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content on your website.  It is simple and not difficult – as easy as working in a Word Document.

If your site is out of your control and you would like to control it – Give Us A Call! We are here to help!


PIP Printing and Marketing Services to Offer Free Website Hosting for the 1st year

In today’s technological world, accessing information about anything – including you and your business – is as simple as the click of a mouse or a mobile Google Search. Your web presence must be professional, informative and easy to navigate. The design has to capture the user’s attention but then the content must hold them and entice them to call. From the writing and photography to the programming and design your website must excite the customer!

Planning a new website can be an incredible task.

Call PIP – We Can Help!

Choose from two types of website packages based on budget and size:

  • Templated  Sites for the more budget-conscious.
  • CUSTOM Sites for greater versatility and size.

Select Number of Pages
Select the number of pages desired

 Select Add-on Features
Check the interactive features you want to add to your site – Blog, Mobile Site, Content Management Systems, Photo Galleries Etc.,

Do You Need Updated Photography of your staff or Facility?

We have a team of Photographers that will come out and take High Quality Photographs that you can not only use for your New Website, but for anything other purpose.

Then we are off to PIP’s great team of Developers!

If you are in need of a new Website or remodel of the current website. Please let us know! We have a great offer from now until July 15th – 1st Year of Hosting for FREE!!!

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