PIP Greensboro Center…

Here’s a peek into the PIP Greensboro Center, now a part of PIP Triad as of yesterday!!
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Who Is The Mayor Of Your Business?

You have the CEO, CFO, President, VP….but did you know that your company could have a Mayor? They very well could not be an employee thanks to none other than Foursquare. Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smartphones.

– Users check in to earn rewards, points, and mayorialships. For instance if you are here at our PIP location and check in – you would get a prize! To give you another example – if you were to check in on foursquare at the chick fil a on University Drive here in Burlington and it is your firs time checking in – you would receive a free chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets.

That is worth downloading a free app and checking in! Most Chili’s in the United States will give you free chips and Salsa just for checking in.

With that being said are you reaching the foursquare audience? Are you asking them to check in? Are you offering a special?

If you would like assistance with foursquare – give us a call we would be glad to help!

Text For Food….Say What?

Yes, now you can Text For Food! Well, not exactly. . .but you can text for Food Deals! As we mentioned in a Blog a few weeks ago about being a part of the Text Generation, you can now have an opt-in Texting Program. We are proud to inform you that our friends over at Grill5•8•4 have taken part and are now offering exclusive “5•8•4 Exchange Club” deals! See below! We are thrilled to have them as participants in our Texting Program.

Text Club for Grill584

Multichannel (Marketing…..Not TV Guide)

Multichannel Marketing – What does that mean? Multichannel Marketing is using different platforms to reach your customer with the same message. In the current marketing world, there are hundreds of ways to reach your customer. A channel might be store signage, a web site, or a direct personal communication by letter, email, or Text Message. It could be a Facebook Post or Tweet, a paid search ad, Facebook Ad, or YouTube video, even a TV commercial or radio spot.

It is also different for each and every customer. Each generation takes in their media differently.

To give an example: If you are a retail shop selling clothing to 20-30 year-old women, how would you market?

Women in the 20-30 year-old range are considered to be Adult Millennials. Throughout the morning and evening, the top ways of reaching that audience is through radio and Facebook. During the middle of the day, Facebook, Information, and Entertainment are tops.

Timing is everything in Multichannel Marketing. You want to make sure if your customer is using two screens (watching TV and using a laptop) that the messages match. Stop delivering mixed messages to your consumers. Make sure that whatever offer you are promoting that it is clearly displayed on your website, in your store, on your mailers, and any other touch point you are using.

PiP Burlington Announces New Marketing Division

PIP Printing of Burlington would like to announce the opening of Growth Marketing, a new division that will focus on marketing strategy and business development for clients. The main focus will be to help clients grow their business through digital media emphasizing strong websites, social media, and in-bound marketing techniques with the goal of providing clients with the best return on their investment.

To make this possible, PIP Printing has brought on board Jessica Wilkins Byerly, formerly with G-Force Marketing Solutions in Greensboro where she spent the last two years developing and implementing digital marketing plans for companies across the southeast and Texas. Jessica brings a background of cross media (print, digital media, television, and direct mail) from her work experience at Media General, WFMY-TV and Valassis. Jessica comes from a family that has been immersed in the marketing industry for many generations.

Jessica lives on a farm with her husband of 12 years, daughter, and four rescue cats. She has been a member of Mayodan First Baptist for the past six years and is actively involved with the church youth. She stays busy supporting her daughter’s school activities and sports teams and writing on her personal blog. Jessica has a true passion for cutting-edge technology and Twitter. Jessica can be followed on Twitter and on her blog.

Jessica looks forward to bringing additional opportunities to current clients and new clients by introducing them to the exciting world of new technology and advancements in digital marketing, educating them on best practices, and above all, helping them grow their business. With Jessica’s expertise, Growth Marketing and PIP Printing Burlington will become a leader in cross media promotions in the Triad.

Simple Ways to Grow Your Business.

What if we could find 500 to 1,000 new customers for you in the next 30 days? Would you be interested?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM, Pay Per Click, also known as Paid Search) is an online program which uses keywords to drive searching customers to your website through Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. Since every client and every campaign is unique, the keyword discovery process is critical for a successful SEM campaign and trackable results. The fact that these are customers who are looking for your services right now and just might not know your name means they are ready to pull the trigger.

We uncover the keywords most relevant to your business to ensure a focused and targeted campaign. The core keywords go through a broadening process from the initial keyword discovery which reveals all of the applicable keywords for a particular search campaign. Once a program launches, we track the performance of every keyword and what activity that keyword has brought to your website. Did the keyword result in a form submission? A phone call? A SALE?! As the campaign is optimized, we will adjust the bids on keywords that are generating leads and conversions, while lowering the bids on lower performing keywords.  We will also omit keywords that are not performing well.

Are you interested in GROWING your business? We want to help. Call 336-222-0217.