PIP Triad Celebrating 35-Year Anniversary!

120065 2o4 PIP ADV 35th Anniversary BURL FRONT Window Graphic.jpg

Postal Instant Press opened their doors in Alamance County on February 12, 1983. Thirty-five years ago, Judy and Jimmy Brumley were recently married and wanted to own their own business. They took the plunge and bought their own franchise to become young entrepreneurs.

The Brumleys’ “While-U-Wait Printers” franchise has evolved and grown into a business that still prints using offset presses and digital copiers. This PIP location has also added a full-service Marketing Division, a full-service Signage Division and an exceptional Promotional Products Division. With the growth of the business, PIP Triad became the branded name of the business. They service clients from the Triad to the Triangle.

Judy and Jimmy could not have imagined the evolution of their business 35 years ago. They are extremely proud of their management team and both past and present employees who have contributed to this growth. “It is totally a team effort every day; we could not be prouder of this accomplishment.” said Jimmy Brumley.

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