Treat Your Employees and Customers With Holiday Promotional Items


Holiday Gift Ideas from Fun to Fabulous
It’s that time of year again, when businesses both large and small start thinking about how to recognize their staff and prized clients, and integrated marketers try to figure out how to do it affordably while still making an unforgettable impression. Below is our curated list of five buzzworthy gifts that can pull this double duty. Our list runs the gamut from just a few dollars, to items for those looking to splurge a bit.

Fidget Spinner
Aww, the spinner that has taken the world by storm. It turns out that everyone from primary school children to high-powered executives love these little gadgets for refocusing, relaxing and centering themselves! These lightweight, portable toys, originally developed for kids with autism or attention disorders, can be hidden away in a desk or purse, and definitely won’t break the bank—unless you want to shell out about $17,000 for any stressed-out billionaires you know. Cost: from around $.90 to $10.

Bluetooth Speaker
Convenient, portable Bluetooth speakers let you take your music to the park, beach, even into the shower—pretty much anywhere that you would take a portable stereo system. Sound quality varies by size and number of internal speakers, which depends on your budget, but they can usually fit in a pocket or bag for great sound without the hassle of cables and plugs. Designs include ruggedized exteriors, sleek wood casing, and plastic. Cost: from around $6 to money is no object.

Bluetooth Neckband
Earlier this year we noted the popularity of Bluetooth products for tech-savvy recipients. The neckband is a lightweight way to get in-ear Bluetooth sound without wires or concerns about falling off. Featuring retractable wires, and foldable for compact transport, these popular earbuds are ergonomic, great for exercise, and will wow giftees. Cost: from around $11, up to Bose.

Digital Photo Display
This won’t be the first—or last—time that you see this item recommended as a gift to delight both employees and executives. The popularity of camera-enabled mobile phones means we take more photos than ever, so give your customers or employees the opportunity to share some of those cherished images. Digital frames are easier than ever to set up and use and provide a unique and engaging way to exhibit photos. Sizes and features vary—from keychain and ornament to 7” LCD display. Cost: from around $55.

A Bonus Two-fer
For those times when you can’t decide between a Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth earbuds, but still want to be on-trend with tech, check out these truly wireless earbuds inside a wireless charging station that doubles as a speaker. A bit pricey, but imagine your recipients’ excitement! Cost: from around $90.

Whatever the budget, integrated marketers will find sound advice for holiday gifting in our promotional products archive, including ideas for pets, information on how people save and use their promo products, and strategies for campaigns built around promos.

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