’s 3-Word Content Strategy How (Wow, Now) Will You Adapt it for Your Business?

GettyImages-486507434x800.jpg has been a leading resource for job seekers since 1994, but in recent years they’ve also become known for their content marketing savvy. With a strategy that Monster’s managing editor Margaret Magnarelli calls How, Wow, Now, the company has expanded their target market beyond job seekers to include the unhappily employed, and those simply interested in following employment trends. Best of all, this three-pronged strategy is ripe for customization by creative integrated marketers.

How: Service Journalism
Service journalism provides consumers with guidance or advice, identifies helpful information, and offers ways to conquer their challenges for a better life. Above all, this type of content is intended to form and maintain a relationship with the reader, positioning your organization as a trusted resource. In the case of, this may be tips for sprucing up their resumes or articles about the workplace. Consider how you can help address your prospects’ pain points and offer them clear, practical answers.

Wow: Build an Emotional Connection
Emotions play a huge role in how consumers act and react.” If you can tap into what matters to your prospects, creating compelling stories that will resonate with them, you are more likely to stand out from the ‘noise’ that they are getting from a constant bombardment of marketing messages. Monster has used a variety of Wow methods, including modeling a resume tutorial after viral-style recipe videos, and a first-person account of lessons learned from a layoff. Think about ways in which your organization can use humor or heart to tell a memorable story that will stick with your readers.

Now: Timely Content
Be on the lookout for hot, relevant topics in the zeitgeist that you can use as a jumping off point for original content creation. If you can tie your demographic or industry into a current event, incorporating keywords for topical searches, you may be able to generate organic traffic, as well as entertaining or interesting regular consumers of your content. Monster’s team keeps tabs on employment data, important dates, and other industry-related information that they can repurpose with their own perspective and data. Think about events now or in the near future that may provide natural parallels with your own industry, and that would make for a persuasive read or watch.

Does your current content strategy give you opportunities to take advantage of How, Wow, Now moments? What can you or your team do to incorporate these tips into your content strategy? Shrewd integrated marketers will embrace this straightforward approach to creating truly effective content, whether tackling one prong, or all three.

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