Love Your Prospects, Love Their Pets: Pet-Themed Promo Items Have Surprising Benefits


One thing that savvy marketers understand is that, even when you’re doing B2B marketing, you’re still marketing to a real human being. So there’s a very good chance you’re marketing to a person with a pet, since 68% of households in this country share their space with a pet. Why not abandon the tried-and-true-tchotchke formula and shake things up with pet-themed promotional products? For example, consider:

  • Sublimated bandanas
  • Bowls and mats
  • Toys and laser pointers
  • Pet food lids and bag clips
  • Pet hair removal brushes

Now consider what these items can do for your marketing efforts.

Pet promo items are unique
It’s true that a clever, well-thought of promotional product can break through the clutter, and that there are some innovative, useful products that work both for internal and external audiences. But chances are good your prospects probably receive (and then immediately throw out) the standards, like t-shirts, ball-point pins and calendars. A pet tag, doggie bandana, or toy can help you stand out, which can help you make an impression.

Associate Your Brand with Powerful Emotions
It’s scientific fact: interacting with our pets produces oxytocin, or the “love hormone” (and at least in dogs, the feeling may be mutual), a neurotransmitter that is associated with powerful and positive emotions—it helps us love, trust, and make bonded connections. Now, imagine what’s going to happen when your prospect is clipping your branded tag to his or her dog’s collar, or playing a round of catch. As your prospect’s brain is flooded with oxytocin and pet love, he or she is also going to associate your brand with those moments.

There’s just one caveat
Before integrated marketers invest in thousands of pet toys, they need to invest in maintaining a bullet-proof list: after all, receiving a pet toy in the mail might be confusing to a prospect who doesn’t have a pet at all! So it’s essential that you know whom you’re talking to.

Putting it all together to get your customer to sit, stay, roll over, and beg
So now that you have the genius ideas to court clients by appealing to their pets, you’ve still got to hone in on the audience, what the bigger campaign is going to look like, and what else you’re going to do to lure them deeper into the funnel. Keep reading for more genius ideas that will help with all of the above.

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