4 Reasons Why It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Signage


Who hasn’t heard that old chestnut, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business?” Most integrated marketers appreciate the benefits and the necessity of quality signage, but simply having an ‘open for business’ sign isn’t enough. Signage, like the business it represents, should continue to evolve, and here are four reasons why now is a good time to make sure your signage fits your brand and your business goals.

Bricks and Mortar Stores Are Here to Stay
Sure, it’s important to have a standout website, but there are significant indicators that traditional stores are going strong. Forbes is bullish on retail stores —they make retailers more money than e-commerce does; all but one of the top 10 retailers in the U.S. are bricks and mortar, and even Millennials and Generation Z prefer the old-fashioned shopping experience. So why miss out on all that retail love? Make sure your signs enhance the IRL experience.

Your Current Signage Doesn’t Look Like Your Current Brand
Good retail signage like awnings, outdoor signs, and way-finding graphics are no small investment; and when you purchase high-quality signage, you probably want it for the long run. But yet, if you’ve updated any of your branding elements, such as a redesigned logo, make sure it carries through to the rest of your signage. Your signage should make use of the fonts, color palette, graphic treatments, and other elements of your current brand. And both your signage and your brand should reflect your current marketing and positioning: for example, if you started out competing on price-point but as your store as attracted customers, your new hallmark is personalized service, you may want to consider ditching garish SALE! Signs.

There’s Some Really Cool Signage Technology Out There
Integrated marketers who believe that digital signage technology just isn’t right for them are missing out on opportunities to engage, entertain, and delight their customers. Unlike analog signage that just does one thing, digital signs can tell customers about a product, recommend other items to purchase, display content you’ve created around your merchandise or the store, and keep your customers in your store for longer.

And digital signage has been embraced almost everywhere, from gas stations and quick service restaurants to fashion boutiquesgrocery stores, and public transit.

Your Signage Looks Old
We’re not talking about deliberately retro: If your floor clings are blemished with scuff marks and dirt, or your awnings are so faded by the sun that all the colors have turned, then it’s definitely time to think about signage. Old signs can scare off potential customers!

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