Five Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business


With the runaway success of video on social media platforms, and with Facebook giving priority to live video, it may be time integrate Facebook Live into your integrated marketing strategy. When paired with the most powerful social network in the world, you can experience new levels of customer engagement without a significant up-front investment. Recently Small Biz Trends put together a tip list for those interested in getting their share of the 4B video views enjoyed daily.

Offer a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Your Business

Everybody loves an ‘exclusive.’ Draw back the curtain and show customers how you operate: processes, decisions, operations – it’s your call. Determine what is unique or special about how you run things and share it with the world!

Hype Your Events

Host live video to let your audience know what events you will be attending. Target your existing network, a specific group or event, and let them know what to expect in your booth, display or offices. Combine the live video with teaser posts and paid ads to drive viewership.

Product Sneak Peeks

Get the word out about any upcoming or recent product launches. Give viewers details and generate excitement for the release. Drive viewers to a web page or landing page where they can pre-order, order, or view FAQs.

Broadcast to Your Business Page Members

Send messages directly to fans of your business page. Use Facebook Live to share breaking news or information relevant to your industry. Network and connect more fully with potential customers and peers while establishing yourself as a leader in the field.

Up Your Customer Service Game

Have your senior leadership get in front of an engaged audience and answer questions. Or your customer service staff can get personal and address individual concerns in one-on-one, real time sessions.

Before You Take the Plunge

Consider these other pointers from Small Biz Trends:

  • Have a plan in place –from the mechanics of privacy settings to how often you will address questions from the audience. We offer some helpful guidelines here.
  • Determine your CTA before go-live – end every Facebook Live video with a viewer call-to-action: visit your website, subscribe to a newsletter, like or share your business page, etc.
  • Deliver quality video – ensure that the basics for a good end user experience are in place.

If you’re willing to do the work in advance, Facebook Live can be a useful addition to your integrated marketing strategy. A more authentic and personal approach to customer engagement may be your ticket to building stronger relationships and increasing sales.

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