Delivering the Human Touch through Mobile Devices


Mobile technology has changed social communication, allowing for richer experiences through personalization—from custom themes, fonts, and apps, to animated emojis and eye-catching GIFS. But can consumers have a genuinely human mobile-connection with a customer service agent or salesperson? You bet!

Mobile provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect with audiences in a familiar way, whenever you like, wherever they are. MarketingProfs gives integrated marketers four tips for building a nurturing relationship with consumers who spend 51% of their time using their mobile devices.

Get Personal

Savvy SMBs rely on behavioral data, including purchase history, online activity, and analytics—as well as demographics like age and gender—to customize messaging to the interests, needs, and location of users. Tailor the contact with mobile personalization, including push notifications (promotions, discounts), content adapted to user preferences, recommendations, or location-based deals.

Build a Unified Experience

We took a look at the value of platform integration here. For instance, integrated marketers could provide incentives for mobile opt-ins, or encourage mobile subscription through email. LivePerson reminds marketers that mobile helps break down barriers, using apps, social media, service and e-commerce to improve customer engagement.

Be Human

Today’s consumers are so connected to their mobile devices that it is strategically advantageous to engage with them there. Domino’s pizza famously embraced the call to humanize their customer interactions by admitting their faults, connecting with customers on social and mobile, and giving a face to those creating the product. Customers felt that they were heard, trust was re-established, and share prices soared.

Be Authentic

We’ve talked before about the importance of authenticity to customers. It’s better to be open and genuine than to use contrived verbiage that causes confusion and weakens relationships. Consumers who have a conversation with a real person who is interested and willing to listen to (or text about) their concerns—on their timetable—will remember and cherish those exchanges.

The same call for authenticity applies doubly with millennial consumers. This post cautions against heavy advertising or vague details that can lead to distrust; instead be transparent and honest, creating bonds with shoppers. Simplicity is the key, and mobile is the fastest, easiest way to simplify that connection.

Humanizing is Good Business

As Bruce Springsteen (“The Boss”) laments, “I just want someone to talk to / And a little of that human touch.” This is the same message integrated marketers are hearing from consumers. While mobile provides the mechanism to transform the customer journey with efficiency, convenience, context, and personalization, it’s ultimately up to companies and their teams to bring the humanity home.

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