5 Can’t Fail Blog Ideas for When You Hit a Creative Wall


It can be tough for integrated marketers to admit they’re out of creative juices, but it happens to all of us: you’re sitting there staring at a blank page (or WordPress template), trying to think of a topic for a compelling new blog post, and it just won’t happen.

Short of having someone come in and write your blog for you, here’s how to prime your creative pump so you can write posts that engage your audience and energize your brand.

Customer Success Stories
Besides giving you content, stories that detail a customer’s achievement with your product offers valuable social proof. Over 70% of online purchasers say that reviews are important, and 88% of customers say they trust a review as much as a personal recommendation. A well-written customer story is a way to bring a review to life.

Community Outreach Stories
If your company or your employees do volunteer work in the community, write about it. Feel-good community outreach stories also give you potent marketing benefits: more than half of all consumers say they’ll physically go out of their way to purchase from a company associated with a cause they care about. Spreading the word about your company’s close-to-home philanthropy is a good way to grow local support. If you don’t already do community outreach, consider these 8 great ideas to start with.

Employee Profiles
Besides providing interesting content for your readers, employee profiles are a great way to build your brand, with readily sharable social content. Additionally, employee profiles make the profiled employee feel special—and engaged, motivated employees can be your brand’s greatest assets.

Try a Blog Idea Generator
Yes, they exist. And besides offering endless hours of amusement, integrated marketers can probably get at least two or three viable topics out of it. For example, feed “contracting” “customer service” and “design” into HubSpot’s generator and get topics like:

  • 10 Quick Tips on Design
  • 14 Common Misconceptions About Contracting
  • Why We Love Contracting

Not bad at all!

If All Else Fails, Look to Your Readers
Don’t feel like you’re coping out: User-generated content has so many benefits, including boosting engagement, driving traffic, and increasing conversions by up to 125%. Besides giving your brain a break, it’s a solid strategic move. Consider a post that compiles reviews and has a poll function, which will definitely increase engagement.

If you’re still stuck, read these tips to help you take a blog post from 0 to 100 mph in 30 minutes or less.

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