5 Promo Products That Will Wow Executives


Integrated marketers know that recipients “want, love and keep” promo products, but how do you make executive gifts stand out and stand the test of time?

There are literally thousands of options available online, through hundreds of promotional product distributors and consultants. To help integrated marketers determine what is truly hot in the executive gift arena, we’ve looked beyond perennial favorites like golf accessories and high-end pens to curate a list of our five favorite executive gifts that combine practicality and luxury.

Custom Leather Travel Kit
Handmade by Borlino, this high-quality leather case drew raves at this year’s Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) show. Full of pockets and straps, the case easily organizes keys, headphones, a mobile phone, and charger in one tasteful bundle. It’s even customizable by color and pattern.

Tailgate in a Box
Another standout from the PPAI show was EcoEasy’s Tailgate in a Box. More than a product, the Tailgate box offers recipients an immersive experience. The seamless, hassle-free and creative package holds everything a tailgater needs for a memorable day including the grill, tools, charcoal, utensils and more.

Tumi Packable Jacket/Neck Pillow Combo
A warm and lightweight down-filled puffer jacket, the Tumi Pax is perfect for your VIPs. It also features a special surprise: the packable jacket converts to a travel pillow for long flights, camping or other outdoor adventures.

HYDROHEAT™ Flameless Cooking System
The HYDROHEAT™ cooker is a lightweight, compact system for creating hot meals and drinks without the use of power, fuel or a flame. Water activates the heat pack for no-fuss food preparation. Ideal for camping trips, hiking, and corporate getaways, the units can be customized with your brand.

Numo’s SUEDE’ish Collection
Bringing together the rich look of suede and the practicality of neoprene is the SUEDE’ish collection from Numo. The collection runs the gamut from a wrist strap keychain and tech taco cord wrangler, to an iPad case and different size lunch bags. With its handmade look, the SUEDE’ish collection has the appearance of a costly executive gift but is actually very affordable.

Custom-Imprinted Kenneth Cole Canvas Duffel Bags
An exclusive design from Kenneth Cole, this duffel bag is functional whether the recipient is a hardened business traveler, or will only use it for occasional weekend getaways. The stylish duffel is made of premium canvas and features vinyl accents, a large main compartment, interior zippered compartments, and accessible front pockets. Custom embroidery is available.

And because technology promotional items dominate the field in 2017, honorable mention goes to sought-after tech-savvy products like Bluetooth speakers, true wireless ear buds, and customizable power banks.

PIP Triad Stepping Up to Help Others!

5K races collage.jpg

The staff from PIP Triad and Triad Signs has given back throughout the months of May and June by participating in the PTI, American Heart Association’s, and Legs for Lungs 5K races!

The Heart Walk
The American Heart Association’s premiere event raised funds to save lives from this country’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers – heart disease and stroke.

The Walk to Win Against Hunger
The PTI walk, which was an untimed walk/run, was held on the airport runway. The 2017 beneficiaries were Second Harvest Food Bank, High Point Open Door Ministry, and Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Legs for Lungs Race
We teamed up with the DMF Foundation of Elon and hosted a 5k to support a family friend of PIP Triad who was facing a double lung transplant after battling cancer for 15 years. That morning, Matthew received the transplant at the very time the race started. Success for all!

Don’t Miss These 4 Types of Essential Tradeshow Signage


So you’ve put together a great tradeshow booth. Congratulations! But don’t get too comfortable just yet: it’s not, “If you build it, they will come.” Integrated marketers must give convention-goers a reason to see the booth, help them find it, and then, get them to stay there and engage with you and your brand. Don’t wait until the last minute to consider these tradeshow signage essentials:

Wayfinding Signs and Graphics
Wayfinding signs serve two purposes: to help people navigate to your booth, and give you a branding boost. There are so many options that give you creative marketing potential, including floor clings and hanging signs. By interacting with their environment, wayfinding signs can also give you a potential for powerful guerilla marketing. Get guidance from the exhibition hall or tradeshow group as to what is and isn’t allowed first.

And here’s a wayfinding idea that can be done on the cheap, and doesn’t require complicated setup or expensive storage: strategically placed employees wearing brightly colored (but on-brand) t-shirts.

If you’ve done your homework ahead of time and promoted your event via social channels, your booth visitors will outnumber your personnel by about 1,000,000 to 1. So your booth should speak and sell itself. Use shelf-talkers to showcase specific products. Keep ‘em short and sweet, like a billboard: the headline should be 10 words or less and highlight the most important product benefit.

Banners are like an extension of your booth design, but with an important difference: banners can guide the conversation and the booth experience. Banners should follow the same rules for in-store signage: use crisp colors, few words, and design them so they can be easily read and understood from 30 feet away.

The lanyard isn’t technically a sign, but it is a mini-mobile billboard. At some tradeshows, there may simply be a generic lanyard that promotes that actual show, rather than the vendor. In which case, integrated marketers can consider a customized strap that provides a marketing placement. And they make great swag.

Your Essential Tradeshow Success Reading List

Calls to Action That Will Make Your Audience Click, Convert, and Come Back For More


As an integrated marketer, you’re a master of words who can conjugate like nobody’s business and you probably know a thousand ways to say “quality.”

Well, forgot about them.

Effective calls-to-action (CTAs) are all about short, unambiguous commands that move a potential customer across your website and down the funnel. The CTA is your opportunity to tell your customer exactly what to do, and it may be the most important thing on your website.

Here’s your cheat-sheet for writing CTAs that get your audience moving.

Focus On One Thing

If you’ve laid out your customer journey from email or search to your site, then you probably have a series of steps to take your customer through education to the acquisition. You eventually want your customers to go through all of these phases, but your CTA should focus on doing one thing, and one thing only: getting them to the next phase, be that signing up to download a white paper, entering their contact info, and eventually, buying.

It may seem counter-intuitive to give you customers fewer options, but in your CTA—and indeed, your whole digital customer journey—instead of confusing your customer with dozens of options, lay out one choice at a time. Include a phone number, a contact form, or an email address, but not all at the same time.

Switch Up The Language

Don’t give your readers déjà vu: even if they’re doing the same thing (calling, clicking, reading more), use different words to describe it.

Instead of constantly directing a user to “click here,” invite them to find, do, learn, view, or get started. Keep the language active—think verbs–and make your sentences short.

Bake A Benefit Into Your CTA

Take a look at the following CTAs. Which one is most compelling?

  • See how Brand X can reduce your costs by up to 25%!
  • Read more about Brand X
  • If you would like to learn more about Brand X’s industry-leading safety features, click here or call us.

If you picked the first one, congratulations for thinking like a customer! The CTA should remind readers of why they want to do what you’re asking them to do.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Wherever appropriate, use colorful and evocative language. And don’t be afraid to use an exclamation point (!)—they convey excitement and timeliness.

The Finished Product

Get the Tips Integrated Marketers Use to Boost Sales Now!

It’s quick, descriptive, action-oriented, features a benefit, and conveys urgency. Now it’s your turn!

5 Can’t Fail Blog Ideas for When You Hit a Creative Wall


It can be tough for integrated marketers to admit they’re out of creative juices, but it happens to all of us: you’re sitting there staring at a blank page (or WordPress template), trying to think of a topic for a compelling new blog post, and it just won’t happen.

Short of having someone come in and write your blog for you, here’s how to prime your creative pump so you can write posts that engage your audience and energize your brand.

Customer Success Stories
Besides giving you content, stories that detail a customer’s achievement with your product offers valuable social proof. Over 70% of online purchasers say that reviews are important, and 88% of customers say they trust a review as much as a personal recommendation. A well-written customer story is a way to bring a review to life.

Community Outreach Stories
If your company or your employees do volunteer work in the community, write about it. Feel-good community outreach stories also give you potent marketing benefits: more than half of all consumers say they’ll physically go out of their way to purchase from a company associated with a cause they care about. Spreading the word about your company’s close-to-home philanthropy is a good way to grow local support. If you don’t already do community outreach, consider these 8 great ideas to start with.

Employee Profiles
Besides providing interesting content for your readers, employee profiles are a great way to build your brand, with readily sharable social content. Additionally, employee profiles make the profiled employee feel special—and engaged, motivated employees can be your brand’s greatest assets.

Try a Blog Idea Generator
Yes, they exist. And besides offering endless hours of amusement, integrated marketers can probably get at least two or three viable topics out of it. For example, feed “contracting” “customer service” and “design” into HubSpot’s generator and get topics like:

  • 10 Quick Tips on Design
  • 14 Common Misconceptions About Contracting
  • Why We Love Contracting

Not bad at all!

If All Else Fails, Look to Your Readers
Don’t feel like you’re coping out: User-generated content has so many benefits, including boosting engagement, driving traffic, and increasing conversions by up to 125%. Besides giving your brain a break, it’s a solid strategic move. Consider a post that compiles reviews and has a poll function, which will definitely increase engagement.

If you’re still stuck, read these tips to help you take a blog post from 0 to 100 mph in 30 minutes or less.