7 Free Tools To Help Amp Up Your Facebook Presence


Integrated marketers already know that Facebook is an invaluable tool for driving engagement and delivering measureable marketing results: recently up to 52% of all consumer purchases, both online and offline, were influenced by Facebook. Your presence there matters, and so does getting it right.

Consider this post your Facebook power marketer’s all-you-can eat buffet: a free smorgasbord of tools and apps that take you from soup to nuts, so you can create, manage and analyze customer-converting pages and promotions.

Shortstack: A plug-and-play app that lets you create new pages and campaigns, all without knowing a word of code. Shortstack also assists you lead-gen, with a feature that lets you import “likes” and contest entries. It works with Twitter and Instagram, too

Fotor: A free photo-editing tool that also lets you design and make collages. Save time by using their batch-edit feature to resize, color-correct, and fine-tune multiple photos at the same time.

Drumup: Engaging content keeps you clients coming back and interacting with your page, and Drumup helps identify relevant content from other sources, rank those posts, and then queue them up for sharing. Drumup can enhance your overall productivity by slashing social-media management time by up to 90%.

LikeAlyzer: This fun-to-say site makes analytics simple and actionable. Type in your page name to get an in-depth analysis and simple recommendations to boost your page performance.

Canva: You’ve heard about Canva before, but it’s worth mentioning again, as the app comes up repeatedly in social media gurus’ top lists. Loved both for its simplicity and its ability to create beautiful designs and templates, Canva is available for both desktop and mobile.

Facebook Power Editor: This free marketing tool is indeed powerful, letting you manage and edit pages, ad sets, and ads. Signing up also makes you an elite guinea pig: occasionally, Facebook beta-tests new products and tools through Power Editor.

Headline Analyzer: Simply type your headline into the site’s window, and receive instant feedback, previews of what the headline would look like in posts and subject lines, and resources to help you write effective headlines. (Too bad they don’t make this tool for other media, but here’s some help for integrated marketers.)

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