Take Your Customers on a Fantastic (Email Marketing) Voyage


If you’re an integrated marketer working for a small business, you wear many hats and manage a host of duties—but you’ve probably never thought of “tour guide” as one of them. And yet, if email marketing is part of your strategy (and if it’s not, it should be), it’s essential that you create a cohesive customer journey.

In theory, it’s not that complicated: start with a good list, deploy an email, send the reader to the site, and make the sale. But how you move customers along that journey determines if they’ll make it to your checkout page, or if they’ll simply check out.

Narrow Your Focus

Your emails should concentrate on a specific product, feature or piece of content. That email has one job and one job only: to entice your customers enough to follow a link to your site. Even though this messaging checklist was written with direct mail in mind, the lessons apply to email, too.

The Right Touch

It is likely that you will need multiple touches to move your customer – typically that number is 6 to 8, so plan your emails accordingly. Consider where your customer is on their journey: someone who is more familiar with your category or has considered purchasing from a competitor has different informational needs than an individual who has just started to research the market.

Have a Clear CTA

Don’t underestimate the power of your call to action. This is your chance to direct the customer, so it should be clear, concise and convey a sense of urgency. Be specific, and keep choices to a minimum – if the goal is to drive someone to a website, don’t also instruct them to make a phone call or visit a store.

Listen to Your Data

At the conclusion of your campaign, your data analytics should paint a revealing picture: which emails resulted in the best click-through performance, how deep into your site your prospective customer went, and how close you came to making a sale.

All Aboard!

Congratulations, you’ve moved your prospects to your website or blog – now it’s time for them to do some site-seeing. Once they’re there, you’ll have to deliver with interesting, relevant content that offers value – it doesn’t have to make the sale right away, but it does need to make a connection.

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