4 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017


It’s the start of 2017 and our collective global love affair with smartphones for research, shopping, personal assistant capabilities, and thousands of other applications has placed mobile marketing at the forefront of marketing trends.

Reuters predicts that more than 75% of Internet use in 2017 will come from mobile devices, leading forward-looking integrated marketers to plan mobile-first. Small Biz Trends has outlined four mobile marketing trends to consider for the coming year.

Mobile Search

Responsive design allows your small business to rank favorably with Google, but that is no longer enough. You must also consider the mobile keywords and search phrases associated with your business, search engines’ expanded targeting capabilities, and other technological developments. Google’s recent announcement that they will now index the mobile version of sites whenever available (rather than the desktop version), means that more effort than ever must go into mobile site design that emphasizes the user experience.

Mobile Payments

CMO.com reports that 61% of time spent on retail sites is on mobile devices. As a result, the market has seen the rapid adoption of mobile wallets (i.e.: Apple, Android and Samsung Pay) as consumers—particularly millennials—eschew credit cards and cash for the ease of paying with mobile devices. Small Biz Trends also points out the growth in re-targeting based on consumer Internet searches will increase purchases, as offers ‘follow’ consumers across various websites.

Mobile Apps

New apps are launched every day, introducing new opportunities and conveniences for consumers and marketers—including capturing payment and shipping information for greater conversion. Smart Insights points out that 89% of mobile usage is on apps, and app revenues in 2017 are expected to exceed $77B. Mobile apps are expected to grow in the areas of location-based services, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Mobile-Only Social

The biggest mobile trend of all is the rise in mobile-only social platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope. These networks are accessible only on mobile devices, making them a growing prospect for small businesses and consumers. Small Biz Trends reminds marketers that while a presence on multiple mobile-social platforms is recommended, each platform must feature unique messaging.

Mobile’s steady year-over-year growth makes it essential that integrated marketers continue to look into new ways to reach consumers of the medium, ensuring that the latest technologies and consumer preferences are a part of the strategy. At present the greatest growth is in traditional mobile devices, but it behooves marketers to keep an eye on emerging markets as well, including wearable devices.

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