Using Data to Make Video Marketing More Powerful and Relevant


If you’re on the fence about adding video content to your marketing mix, it’s time to scurry over to where the grass is much, much greener:

With results like that, it’s no surprise that 87% of online marketers use video content – a number that rises to a staggering 96% among B2B marketers.

Integrated marketers understand that when it comes to video, the “if you build it, they will come” days are over. Creating compelling video content doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.
Hosting services like Vimeo or YouTube, supply more than just views and other basic metrics. They also provide in-depth viewer and behavioral data you can use to inform and fine-tune future video messaging.

Engagement Data Helps You Fine-tune the “What”

Switch Video CEO Brandon Houston warns that view counts only reveal a fraction of the story – this metric doesn’t tell you how many people only watched five seconds of your video and how many people played it until the end. Engagement figures can tell you which portions draw the most eyeballs and which gets skipped, so you can develop your new content accordingly.

Similarly, play rate reveals the percentage of users who find your video on an external page and press play. It’s an indicator of interest, and analyzing this number can help you determine where to place your video and what to use for a splash screen (i.e., the image and the player controls).

Narrowing in on the “Who” and “Where”

Demographic data reveals information that can help local businesses refine their content or rethink where their videos appear. If you sell nationally, this valuable information can help you develop targeted marketing campaigns.

More Powerful Ways to Measure “How Many”

To gain deeper analytic insight, look at enhanced services such as Vidyard, Wistia, or Sprout. Besides seamlessly hosting your videos, some of these services also integrate with your email marketing.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Switch Video’s Houston advises to “always be creating” content to keep your customers engaged and your message fresh. Keeping metrics in mind, successful integrated marketers can “always be creating” the content that doesn’t just get more views, but targets and engages your customers and best prospects.


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