Beat Idea Fatigue with These 4 Easy Video Marketing Tips


If recent research is accurate, video marketing is hotter than anyone is letting on.

For example, 96 percent of the 350 B2B integrated marketers and others polled say they currently engage in video-content marketing; 73 percent agree that video has ‘positively impacted’ their results. Sixty percent of marketers and SMB owners interviewed by Animoto call video next year’s ‘must-have’ marketing tactic.

Video, therefore, is definitely a thing. And will grow into an even bigger thing as time goes on.

Keeping Up With Content Demands

The problem is that even highly motivated integrated marketers, sold on video’s many virtues, may struggle with creating a regular, ongoing stream of engaging and watchable content.

One solution? Be brave and branch out.

“If you’re not experimenting with video, you’re simply sitting on the sidelines watching the big game unfold,” observes veteran digital marketer Barry Feldman, writing for

By ‘experimenting’ Feldman means using resources you already have to economically create ongoing streams of fresh new video. To that end, he offers these and other tips (21 in all) in a detailed infographic featured with his article.

Big Idea: Put Employees on Camera

Sounds obvious, right? But who should it be and what should they say? It depends on your objective, Feldman suggests.

Tip 1) Share and Educate. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are people who, who through experience, longevity or training know more about a subject than anyone else. Put your SMEs on camera and let them share tips, tools and techniques that will interest or benefit your audience.

Tip 2) Lift the Veil. To create or deepen connections, try creating a ‘day in the life’ video montage of a team, department or individual staff member. It’s a fun and inclusive way to humanize your organization.

Big Idea: Involve and Showcase Customers

Tip 3) Solicit Testimonials. Whether you’re a new or well-established company, many who buy from you are more than willing to provide a video testimonial—provided you’re meeting their needs, that is. Tradeshows and events that you mutually attend provide great opportunities for this. Often, all you have to do is ask.

Tip 4) Request UGC. Another way to involve customers in your business is by asking them for user-generated video content (UGC), which you can collect and curate by offering interactive surveys and contests.

Feldman reminds businesses that audiences love videos because they’re engaging and easy to consume, and that simple, down-to-earth spots often beat slick high-budget productions for demonstrating transparency and authenticity.

“Millions of budget-conscious small businesses are making effective marketing videos [and] the truth is that video is perfectly doable for any size business in any field—with any budget.”

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