5 Design Tips for Improving PPC Landing Page Conversions


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in on the upswing in many companies, as integrated marketers become more comfortable with the practice and more convinced of its payback potential.

Of course, attracting clicks, through catchy, targeted ad copy and other factors, is a discipline all its own, and only the first hurdle to PPC success. The second is landing page (LP) performance–how well your content converts once customers click the ad and reach the page.

In an informative article over at SearchEngineWatch, ClickZ Global Editor-in-Chief Graham Charlton, recommends these and other tips for improving your LPs’ performance.

  1. Make relevance obvious
    Driven by a stronger-than-average purchase intent, PPC ad-clickers highly expect that your ad and landing page will clearly be related. If they get even a small whiff of irrelevance they–and your conversion–will bounce away faster than one of these.
  1. Provide a smooth transition
    Visual and tonal continuity between the ad and its associated LP instantly reassure visitors that they’re in the right place. Nothing throws cold water on purchase intent and conversions like a disjointed or confusing connection. Tie ads and pages together by using the same or similar images, tone and language.
  1. Placate non-converters
    Even perfectly designed landing pages won’t convert every time. Still, by providing other take-action options, you can add value and keep visitors engaged. Examples include offering an email sign-up, live chat, and linkable paths to other areas of your site.
  1. Make it mobile friendly
    In the U.S., mobile purchases account for more than 30 percent of all e-commerce sales, Charlton says, which is why you absolutely must optimize landing pages for mobile. Pushing PPC visitors to a desktop-formatted page is a surefire way to lose the conversion and waste your ad spend.
  1. Present clear calls-to-action
    Even an expert like Charlton is quick to admit that what constitutes a ‘good’ CTA is hotly debated. One thing that all PPC authorities agree on, however, is that CTAs should clearly stand out and be easy to find. Experimenting with colors, wording and page position will eventually produce a winning combination.

Find other tips and insights into conversion-centered design in our post “Build a Landing Page that Makes Visitors Take Action.” Or glimpse Kissmetric’s vision of perfection in their “Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page” infographic.

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