Make Your Sales Go POP with Point-of-Purchase Displays


Congratulations! Your product has been picked up by a retail store that’s agreed to give you choice real estate for your display. And as a savvy integrated marker, you know thata good point-of-purchase (POP) display can boost sales up to 64%, compared with shelf displays.

Now, how will you make the most of it? Short answer: best practices.

Fortunately, designing for the nearly $4 trillion retail business is a finely tuned science, supported by solid creative and psychological research that helps take the guesswork out of creating winning POP displays.

Stick to the Essentials

Cramming in too much information is one of the major pitfalls of sign design. Think of a POP like a mini-billboard, with just enough room (and shopper attention) for an image and a few words. Don’t include a website, unless it’s so a shopper can download a generous mobile coupon – and even then, think about using a QR code instead.

The Point Is Your Product

The very reason POP displays exist is to showcase your product or offer, so keep the actual construction to a minimum. Make sure shoppers can see and easily access your product. Have fun with the design, but make sure it’s functional and not too busy.

Color Is Crucial

Up to 85% of customers say that color is the major factor influencing their purchases.Red produces a bold, immediate response, but it also says ‘aggressive’ and ‘provocative.’ Consider cooler colors for your displays and signage: blue suggests dependability and security, and is a smart choice for tech, food, and finance; green evokes wealth, health and prestige, and is a good color for use with healthcare items, and plant or agriculture products.

Make Eye Contact

When creating a POP, remember to put your most important message or graphic where your audience is looking. The typical shopper gaze is between 3 ½ and 4 ½ feet off the ground. So unless you’re setting up shop in a men’s “big and tall” shop or a toy store, your display should be between 5 and 6 feet tall, and make the type big enough that it can be read from 12 feet away.

Brush Up On Your Signage Essentials

POPs have their own unique constraints, but the rules of good signage still apply. Remember to go bold and use good grammar. If you’ve already created a strong brand, use those guidelines to inform decisions about color, font and imagery.

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