Think Boldly to Improve the Pulling Power of Signage


According to Chain Store Age, a leading source of news and analysis for retail executives, signage (still) plays a vital role in branding, as more and more retailers strive to differentiate themselves in a loud and crowded marketplace.

Courageous Creativity

New technologies continue to drive advancements in sign-printing, giving businesses a wider range of materials and creative options. In addition, color, texture, and lightingremain essential in making signage more impactful. This is especially evident in the supermarket and food industry, where retailers often pioneer retail point-of-sale tactics.

As we mention in this prior post about Trader Joe’s, signage reflects each store’s community, thus creating a strong local identity among customers. Similarly, in award-winning signage at Whole Foods Market in Detroit, “metal conduits bent into a bakery header evoke tailpipes and Detroit’s namesake of “The Motor City,” while 45-LPs-turned-checkout-lane-markers reflect the company’s Motown heritage,” according the organization handing out the awards.

Unique designs like these underscore Whole Foods’ attempt to be truly local within their markets, and to add courageous creativity to their overall integrated marketing.

Think Digital

Technology has also spurred interest among marketers in digital sign solutions, thanks to advancements in LCD, LED, digital imaging, and video streaming. Scott Jeffrey, Chief Creative Officer at the Interbrand consultancy, notes the surging appeal of digital signage in marketing. “Digital is now on everybody’s drawing board,” he says. And how much of it you use “depends on how adventurous you are as a brand and how far you want to go.”

Dazzle with Holographic Film

Recent advancements in holographic film technology make this form of signage more versatile and durable than ever. Holographic films are self-adhesive and ideal for vehicle wraps and window signs, because they can include eye-catching graphics and effects, such as 3D, glitter, and a spectrum of shifting colors..

From creating a localized signage strategy to incorporating the latest technologies, it’s never too late to rethink this essential element of integrated marketing. A reputable signage company can help you explore bold and creative applications of these and other treatments.

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