3 Ways to Supercharge Conversions from Landing Page Video


As integrated marketers well know, lame landing pages usually struggle to convert.

Of course, landing pages are those pages that are set apart and navigationally isolated from your main website, usually where visitors end up from a PPC or direct marketingcampaign.

In short, landing pages have a single, solitary goal: to convert–that is, to move users into taking some action, such as completing a form, downloading content or clicking to purchase. Our previous post covering landing page messaging and design is chock-full of bite-sized tips that can help boost conversions.

But if you really want pages to pop, pull and perform, you absolutely must include a short, well-executed video.

Crazy Conversions, Built on Trust

Landing page pros at Unbounce report that such videos can increase conversions by up to a whopping 80%! Research from other sources points up the connection between conversions and viewer trust.

For example, 71 percent of those polled by video-tool maker Animoto agreed that watching a business video left them with a positive impression of a company; nearly 60 percent said they considered companies that display video content to be “more trustworthy;” and nearly three quarters of respondents were “more likely to purchase” a product or service if able to watch a video about it first.

To help supercharge your landing-page conversions, follow these proven-effective video production tips from Unbounce and others.

Keep It Short

Using your own consumer-experience as a yardstick, you can see why videos should be short and sweet. People love video but they won’t linger too long. Somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds seems to be the ideal video length, and the amount of time that holds viewer attention longest. Comparative studies showed that 90-second spots are less popular and have a much higher drop-off rate.

Minimize Supporting Copy

Reducing the potential for distractions keeps visitors focused on your conversion message.
If the goal is to have visitors watch your video (and/or take some subsequent action), don’t be tempted to clutter up the page with superfluous, attention-stealing verbiage.

Center Your Video at the Top of the Page

After exhaustive A/B testing for a financial services company, one digital marketing firm learned that videos placed at the top and center clearly outperformed those placed at the bottom. A no brainer, you say? Maybe. Still, it’s great insight for marketers who may benew to landing page production.

Want more time- and money-saving tips to bolster your integrated marketing? Visit ourDigital Marketing archive or Video Marketing archive.

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