Top Video Marketing Predictions for 2016 (Marketing Tango)

Video marketing was muy caliente in 2015.

Around mid-year, YouTube reported that users were posting 400 hours of video per minute to its online platform, while in the fall, Facebook said it was generating more than eight billion video views each day.

Giving a somewhat broader perspective, Tubular Labs reported that nearly 67 million creators uploaded 655 million videos to more than 30 different platforms, garnering almost 3 trillion views or, on average, bout 4400 views per. Caliente, indeed.

So what comes next for integrated marketers who are using video? What trends and strategies will dominate, and perhaps transform, video marketing in 2016?

To find out, researchers from Linkdex asked 16 marketing and video-industry thought leaders for their predictions.

Mobile Video Will Rule the Day

Several experts polled expect mobile video to hog the marketing spotlight. Compared with a couple of years ago, the time mobile users spend watching video on their devices has doubled, and such viewership is expected to grow in 2016.

As we’ve previously reported, brands that win so-called ‘micro-moments,’ on mobile and other channels, will gain an advantage over those who don’t. Interestingly, says one Linkdex respondent, mobile users prefer long-form YouTube content to shorter spots, providing it’s compelling, relevant and valuable.

Problem Solvers Win

In the biggest challenges lie the biggest opportunities, one pundit observes. Overcome them and you will easily best your competitors. Step 1: Revamp your approach and start thinking like YouTube’s six-figure income earners. Step 2: Accelerate connections by finding ways to collaborate with quality YouTubers who are already reaching your target audience. Step 3: Tap the power of data and become more proficient in analytics and conversion optimization (CRO).

Keep an Eye on VertVid

Two dozen polled differed about the evolution of vertical video (vertvid). Most footage today is viewed (and shot) in horizontal format. Smartphone users, however, typically hold devices vertically, making one-handed viewing awkward.

“Vertvid is the next big thing,” for brands, trumpets one video guru, because it makes viewing ads easier. Compelling research from Snapchat, confirming superior engagement with vertvid, supports this notion. Still, says a different expert, stubborn resistance within the video-creating community could easily quash vertvid’s emergence.

Finish reading the experts’ other fascinating prognostications here.

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