New Facebook buttons

Facebook rolled out their reaction buttons today to help users who need move than just a “like”!

Here’s the breakdown on the new buttons:

  • Love – a red heart
  • Haha – a laughing face
  • Wow – a surprised face
  • Sad – a tearing face
  • Angry – an angry face

The entire rollout will take a few days, so if you don’t see the new buttons right away, they are coming. You’ll get the feature immediately on your Web browsers, but you’ll need to update your app on iPhones and Android devices in order to use the new features.

Happy Facebooking!facebook-reactions-animation.gif

Written by: Alex Stanley  |  Graphic Designer  | @ealexstanley

Before and After: Burlington Shoes Signage

Here’s the before and after of the sign we just finished up for Burlington Shoes. 

It’s a 20ft by 6ft Replacement Polycarbonate Sign that weighs around 400 lbs! 

We’re glad this signage facelift on Interstate 40 turned out so well.


Avoiding Self-Commoditization in Your Business (Marketing Tango)

Not every businessperson can imagine or invent entirely new categories of products where none existed before. And even if something completely novel is introduced (and patented and trademarked), it doesn’t take long before others find ways to copy it.

Nevertheless, every company should strive to set itself apart from competitors and create its own “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP). Yet according to Forbes, “self-commoditization can significantly threaten just about any company’s success and profitability, whether you produce consumer products or complex business-to-business services and solutions. Ineffective sales processes and behaviors are probably the biggest cause.”

Is your business in danger of self-commoditization? It may be that you’re in a category that’s offered by many, like food items and restaurants, legal, real estate, marketing (!), financial services, or personal care, such as fitness and hair.

You can’t compete on price alone since it’s a race to the bottom, so setting your business apart in a meaningful way is critical.

MarketingProfs recently listed a variety of strategies that integrated marketers in nearly any category can follow to create their own USP and avoid being viewed as a commodity. Here’s a summary of the top strategies to set yourself apart:

  • Offer Leadership — Such a position implies customer satisfaction and can provide economies of scale that make it difficult for others to match.
  • Third-Party Validation — Get objective parties and influencers to say nice things about you in a variety of settings, such as industry publications, awards, social media, and trade shows.
  • Offer Solutions — Avoid a ‘product-manager’ mindset that focuses on features first at the expense of benefits; remember to always consider the customer’s point of view and what problems they face.
  • Offer Expertise — Become the authority in your category and offer your professional advice at no charge to new prospects. It may not lead to immediate sales, but it will develop good will and build word of mouth referrals.
  • Offer Excellence — Deliver outstanding customer service and you will stand out! This applies to rapid delivery as well.
  • Offer Aftermarket Services – Develop a relationship so you can offer upgrades or additional purchases later on.
  • Offer One-Stop Shopping — When you can provide everything from a single source, you effectively lock out the competition.
  • Offer Anytime Availability — People are willing to pay a premium for convenience and reliability. Be sure you can deliver on this promise!
  • Offer Competitive Pricing — Regardless of how unique your business is, you’ll still have competition. Therefore, make it a practice to keep tabs on your competitors’ prices to make sure yours are within the appropriate range. Don’t assume that customers are always content with the status quo.

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Your Guide to a Better Email List Strategy (Marketing Tango)

What are the most significant barriers to the success of an email list strategy – and how are integrated marketers overcoming them?

That’s the question Ascend2 sought to answer in its most-recent research series, “Email List Strategy,” conducted among 245 marketing influencers in January. Researchers noted that “email has become the most prolific marketing channel. Consequently, a successful email list strategy is crucial to the shutterstock_183943535overall performance of marketing.” Here are some of the other key insights.

Lack of an active list strategy is the chief obstacle to success. As one respondent commented, “The old adage – if we don’t know where we’re going, we won’t know when we get there – is why we need an effective email list strategy.”

Another top challenge, inadequate list hygiene practices also exasperates marketers. List hygiene is a data management practice that ensures your list is complete, verified and free of duplicates and undeliverable information, as we explored in “Do YOU Practice Good Hygiene?” and “5 Ways to Keep Email Marketing Lists Clean and Minty Fresh.”

A successful email list strategy is required to accomplish top email marketing goals.

“We’re under pressure to perform,” another marketer explained. “So when it comes to establishing email list goals worth achieving, quality trumps quantity.”

Increasing the quality of email list data is a top objective for 70 percent of companies surveyed. Nearly half (46 percent) of companies said email list quality is increasing, while quality is decreasing for only 16 percent.

And just how are these marketers inching closer to their goals? If your experiences line up with theirs, you may be finding yourself spending a lot of time developing email-specific landing pages.

More than half of study participants cited email-specific landing pages as their most-effective tactic for achieving list-strategy success. Further, they specified that offering content of interest to target audiences remains the best way capture email subscribers.

Ascend2 also found that companies consider email and social media integration as the most difficult task to execute. Similarly challenging is the execution of offline tactics (in-store/call center opt-ins) for online purposes (email lists) – something marketers discovered this past holiday season.

Article by: Marketing Tango  

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We Love this new Infographic!

Business 2 Community and CJG Digital Marketing posted a new article and infographic today about the top 8 content marketing trends for 2016. We think it’s definitely worth checking out!


Here’s reason #1: The-Top-8-2016-Content-Marketing-Trends.jpg

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