An Easy and Affordable Way to up your Networking Game

Late last week I was cleaning out an old laptop bag and came across a business card from old colleague and friend of mine from Washington D.C. whom I had lost touch with. I decided to dial up the number on the card in hopes of catching up with her. She had recently been promoted to a higher shutterstock_350723951.jpgposition within the company she worked her and was actually in need of any graphic design services within her new capacity. So, not only was I able to catch up with her, I was able to do a little business as well. And it just so happens that the business card was 8 years old.

Which brings me to the inspiration for this blog post, the power of the business card is still real folks! I realize not every story is the same as mine but whether you’re a mom and pop store or a large corporation, a business card can still play an important part in making a lasting impression upon those with whom you do business. It’s a simple yet effective way to reach potential customers for a very cheap cost.

Have I gotten you on board to create a new or update your business card? Well, here’s a few tips to consider:

  • Prominently displaying your company’s name is important and should be the first step to designing your business card,  with your name and title being the second most significant information to add. Also, using your company’s logo will help people associate your name with your business and the products you are selling.  
  • Taking up too much space on the card to add every single way to contact you will make your card too cluttered. It’s best to list your phone, fax, and email address. You can always give your personal cell number or other information to the client verbally.
  • Don’t neglect the back of your business card. This gives you an opportunity to add more sales and marketing information, a map to your location, social media handles or even photos of your products.
  • Full-color printing can make a vivid impact to the look of your card. If your budget is tight, there’s also many inventive ways to use one or two colors of ink and different paper options to choose from.

Okay, now are you really ready to order your business cards? Call PIP of the Triad today! Not only are we happy to help you design a distinctive business card that showcases you and your business well, but we can take care of printing the finished products for you right here in Burlington or Greensboro.

Click Here to request a quote or call us today at 888-927-8290

Written by: Alex Stanley  |  Graphic Designer  | @ealexstanley

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