Why we love signs…and you should too!

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A creative, attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition. Here are a few reasons why you should use or upgrade your signage.

 It’s affordable

Signage does not require a large time investment and can be reasonably affordable. With the cost of television and radio advertising on the rise, signage allows your business to reach prospective customers on a daily basis.

 The audience is captive 

Not only can media advertising be expensive, your potential clientele could easily change the radio station or television channel before they ever even hear or see your ads. That’s why having quality signage comes in handy! When a customer visually sees your sign, you have attracted their attention. Good signage tells potential customers who and/or what your business is, what it offers, and where or how to find you.

 Build visibility that translates into sales

It’s a basic equation that if you increase visibility of information it will result in increased sales. Signage is your chance to present your information. It’s your chance to be noticed and for folks to remember you. A helpful side note: always remember to advertise your social media handles on your signage for maximum exposure.

 Showcase your personality

The possibilities in signage are practically endless. From small window decals, magnetic signs, and vehicle wrap to wallpaper and etched glass, you have a wide variety to choose from. Whether it’s bright and colorful or very minimalistic, signage gives you the ability to tailor to your business’s personality and really give your customers a sense of your style, mood, and image.  Another beauty of signage is it can easily be changed, so you need not worry about being locked into a specific product. 

Be Sure to contact our Business Growth Strategist, Brandon Williams for all your signage needs!

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