10 Primo Tips to help make you a Graphic Design Pro

Whether you are creating graphics for a social media campaign or shutterstock_301869413
designing an advertisement, good graphic design can make a world of difference to your project. From choosing fonts and imagery to alignment and size, the design process can be very complicated. Check out my top ten design tips to help with your creative process…and remember our PIP of the Triad team are always happy to help with all of your creative needs!

No. 1: Become a design packrat! Look to store fronts, blogs, current trends, product packaging, and billboards for inspiration. Also, don’t just consider the overall design, instead break it down into components (is there a certain shape or color that works well, etc…). Just remember find inspiration not plagiarism!

No. 2: Think beyond the text. Consider using imagery or a border. A reader takes in 80% of the artwork, 75% of photographs, and 56% of headlines, but only 25% of text!

No. 3: Break up and balance your design. There is a fine line between too much white space and overcrowding. Try using different shapes and backgrounds to break up ad content.

No. 4: Use your font palette and branch out from the usual! Always make the heading stand out, the subtitle and body a bit more simple, and use legible texts that compliment each other. Try to only use 2-3 font styles per design piece!

No. 5: Frame it! Consider framing images and text to help catch the reader’s eye.

No. 6: Choose a color scheme. Pick 2-3 colors that best portray your theme and is appealing to the reader. Colors can have lots of meanings, so choose wisely!

No. 7: Relate to your audience. Keep the target reader in mind when developing the tone and look of your piece.

No. 8: Keep the eye flowing. Avoid using hyphenations and abbreviations. Always check for spelling errors and try to keep the language simple and legible.

No. 9: Use keyboard shortcuts. Save some time and increase productivity by learning useful keyboard shortcuts.

No. 10: Don’t be afraid! Be bold and daring with designs! No one remembers boring designs! Avoid the “same old, same old” and be different! Always remember – creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!

Contact PIP of the Triad for all of your Creative Needs!


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