Success with Innovative Signs and Large Format Print

In reviewing our recent sign project with GE Mebane, we’d like to share our challenges, solutions and results from our team’s experience working with this regional division to successfully meet and exceed their expectations…

Success with Innovative Signs and Large Format Print

IMG_7207Challenge:  This regional division of General Electric has experienced turbulent times and amazing success on the path to reinventing itself during the last 5 years. This reinvention culminated in a broad expansion of this facility that began in October 2013. In late 2013 GE Power Equipment and Power Components opened its global headquarters in Cary, NC. During this time, GE Industrial Systems in Mebane also expanded its capabilities by renovating key areas of the facility and by adding new product lines resulting from a GE plant closure in Salisbury, NC. In 2014 GE announced further enhancements to the Mebane facility with the investment of $5 million to add production and testing capabilities. This investment culminated in an event in June 2015 that was designed to show this new facility to the world. The challenge was to develop innovative and creative signage to highlight the new areas. PIP Triad was charged with developing graphics, production methods, and installation solutions for many areas of the facility on or before a key event on June 9, 2015. That event featured plant tours, a visit from GE’s CEO and key executives, family events, media/press interviews and lab demonstrations.

Solutions: PIP Triad’s professionals met with GE’s team as early as April 2015 to begin planning for this event. The teams worked together collaboratively to develop large format solutions throughout many areas of the revamped facility. Graphic designers at PIP Triad helped create bold, colorful images and renderings to give the GE team ideas about how signs, dimensional letters and logos could be implemented throughout the facility. GE team members had a collective goal to feature the facility’s new areas including:

  • A Product Certification Lab
  • A Product Accelerator Lab
  • A High Voltage Lab
  • An enhanced showroom for customers to feel and experience products.
  • A customer and employee training center

As the project took shape, PIP Triad team members consulted industry experts in the areas of signage and large format print to give GE the most innovative, eye-popping solutions available today. Vinyl graphics, dimensional letters and logos, window mesh, vinyl banners and strategically placed logos and images were just a few of the ways PIP Triad helped the GE team achieve its goals for displaying and describing new areas of the facility. All areas were carefully measured and evaluated to make certain everything would be produced and installed perfectly. Some last minute changes and additions were required, but PIP Triad made the deadline and exceeded customer expectations.


Results: The GE Team realized great success at their event. Our signage and large format displays helped illustrate many new GE products and processes throughout the renovated Mebane facility. Hundreds of GE executives, employees, family members, local dignitaries, media, and other guests learned about GE Industrial Systems new plans and strategies for the future. Today, GE’s growth and expansion continue. There are plans for GE Industrial Systems in Mebane to expand its labs, requiring more signage and large format print. The PIP team has conducted the appropriate follow up meetings, which helped confirm how pleased GE managers were with the results. We work almost weekly with GE on large format projects and products: a testament to the success of our new signage division. We look forward to delivering more great results for GE in late 2015 and beyond.




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