PIP Pacers And The Heart Walk!

This past few weeks, several PIP Triad Team members have signed up to participate in the American Heart Associations Heart Walk! The PIP Pacers will be walking on May 16th at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro on the Kaplan Commons!

We are in the process of raising money for the Heart Walk! Our team goal is to raise $1500. Please help us in our fight against heart disease!

If you would like to join our team or pledge a donation! Please click here!

To Learn More About The American Heart Association, visit their website by clicking here.


Attention Ladies! Have you registered?

We are just over a week away from PIP Triad’s first official lunch and learn of the year. This women’s only event has been designed to bring women in business together. During this presentation, Speaker Toni Ray will show you how you are the balance in the force! How being the women, the mom, the daughter, the sibling, the employee and employer to make it all happen for everyone else and how we often do not make it happen for ourselves. We are the unicorn, the super mom, and other mythical creatures.

We planned this event for the week before Mother’s Day to honor our mothers! To empower our women in business! We hope you will register for this free event. Seating is limited and lunch is provided! Hurry – click the link below to register today. Invite a friend or co-worker!

The event is Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at 825 South Main Street, Burlington.

Click Here To Register!

Stand Out with Signs from PIP Triad

stand out with signs eblast

Wrap a vehicle. Fill a window. Hang a banner. Mark the sidewalk and parking lot…

Signage can transform everyday objects and spaces into effective marketing tools for your business. Let us help you realize your vision with proven products, services and exciting new innovations!

With PIP Triad, you’re not just working with professionals who know signs – we understand how they should integrate into your overall marketing strategy. Get creative with more ways to grow your business through banners, posters and signs from PIP Triad.

Creative Marketing with Meerkat

Today we are sharing Mashable’s review on one of the hottest apps right now, Meerkat!

The Most Creative Used for Meerkat

If you feel like the press coverage from this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) event sounds more like an Animal Planet show than a tech event, you’re not alone.

The first few days of the major conference in Austin, Texas, have been dominated by talk about the meteoric rise of Meerkat, a live-streaming application built on top of Twitter, as well as discussion of Twitter’s attempt to handicap the service by cutting off its access to the networks’ social graph.

All the SXSW chatter, combined with pushback from Twitter, has only added fuel to Meerkat’s momentum: The app’s user base grew by 30% after the Twitter crackdown, and it now likely has around 150,000 users just several weeks after launching. They include a number of influential figures in tech, media and entertainment, who have already demonstrated a range of clever use cases for live broadcasting on top of a social platform like Twitter.

Meerkat may not be the one to win the live video-sharing space, although it does seem to have nine lives. But live video sharing on social platforms is almost certainly here to stay, as evidenced by Twitter’s decision to acquire a similar live-streaming app called Persciope.

Regardless of which company (or companies) succeed, the inventive early use cases for Meerkat offer a glimpse at the potential for these types of apps in the months and years to come — and no, we don’t mean broadcasting long lines and crowded parties at SXSW.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage for TV

Many in media have tested out Meerkat for interviews, commentary and the mundane. Our favorite so far is CNN’s Brian Stelter, who has been using the app to broadcast a behind-the-desk look at his program, Reliable Sources.

Real estate showings

Meerkat isn’t just for those in media and tech; it’s also proving popular for real estate professionals looking to conduct virtual open houses for listings on the market.

Up close and personal with chief executives

Two days after Box CEO Aaron Levie conducted his first earnings call after taking the company public, he showed off his goofier side by performing card tricks on Meerkat.

Reporting live from demonstrations

Twitter has proven to be an indispensable tool for journalists and citizens to share live updates from protests on the ground. Earlier this week, reporters showcased just how much live-streaming video could add to that by sharing footage of the tense demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.

Speaking directly to fans


More than 1,000 people tuned in to watch a Meerkat broadcast from the Miami Dolphins announcing that it was adding a new defensive tackle to the team.

Impromptu performances

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk went one step further, and used Meerkat to broadcast an impromptu performance to his fans.

Brands offering more access

Just like celebrities and members of the media, brands are quickly discovering the potential of using apps like Meerkat to offer more access and transparency to their followers.

These are just a few examples of how businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals are using interactive marketing to reach, better yet, intrigue, their audience. How will you use Meerkat to grab your customers’ attention?!