Thirty Ways to Boost Your Blog!

You spent hours researching, writing, finding graphics and uploading your blog posts, but your work isn’t done yet. To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can.

Below are THIRTY ways you can promote each post, most of which are free. Print out this handy list and check off each tactic as you tackle it. With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most leverage out of each post!


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Social Media – Sharing each post on social media should be your first avenue for promotion.

1. Add it on your business Facebook pages, groups and through ads. Perhaps some of your employees or clients would be happy to share a post here and there as well.

2. Schedule it on Twitter 2-3 times per day for the next 30 days (change the title each time to break it up).

3. Create a Pinterest board specifically for all your company’s blog posts and pin each post to it.

4. Share on your company’s LinkedIn profile as well as any groups you belong to. Again, try asking employees to share on their profiles too!

5. Share with your Google+ circles for added SEO benefits.

Bookmarking Sites – Bookmarking sites have millions of users. Add them to your strategy!

6. Create an account at and start stumbling your posts.

7. Submit each post to to share with others and help them discover.

8. One of the most popular bookmark sites is, post and share there!

9. Help others discover your content when you submit to

10. The top search engine for blogs is… Get on with it!!


Your Contacts – They signed up for your newsletter or RSS feed because they want to hear from you.

11. Add your latest blog post in your email newsletters.

12. Share your blog post with people in groups or forums you belong to.

13. Add your latest blog posts to your email signature using

14. Send an email to your list with your latest post and ask for feedback.

15. An RSS feed automatically pushes your posts to those who sign up.

Other Blogs – Leverage other bloggers’ networks to gain more exposure.

16. Comment on relevant blogs and include a link to yours.

17. Submit as a guest post to other relevant blogs (with a bit of re-writing).

18. Ask influential bloggers to link to your relevant posts.

19. Submit as a reprint to other relevant blogs.

20. Join a blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers.

Syndication allows you to spread your content across many networks.

21. allows you to syndicate to 50+ different sites.

22. helps you connect with other bloggers to share ideas and posts.

23. distributes your blog posts to publishers like, and

24. allows submissions to and pays when Kindle owners read it!

25. Networked – Get found and gain traffic when you submit your blog. Also links to Facebook.

26. syndicates content in every category, from autos and food to business and sports

27. is the source for reader reviews of the web’s bloggers and columnists.

28. shares blogs that cover a wide variety of topics.

29. is great for business-related content!

30. syndicates your posts to sites like and

Pick two or three of these sites that best fit your content, industry and goals. Having the same material appear on too many sites can actually hurt your search engine rankings! Ready, set… BLOG!!


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