Content Management – The Social Media Shock!

Social Media Shock

“A strategy that worked last year is not good enough today. If you are seeing a decline in your Facebook reach, it is not unusual. According to AgoraPulse, From July 2013 to July 2014, 71 percent of company Facebook pages had a loss in organic reach of at least 30 percent, a cataclysmic decline.


According to Facebook, there is simply too much stuff. The average Facebook user now has the opportunity to see nearly 2,000 Facebook posts a day.”

This article was featured on Social Media Today but it brings us to present day. In 2015 we are in a world of Content Marketing. It is not social media marketing, it is content marketing. What worked a year ago to get reactions on Facebook or Twitter, will not work this year. Our social media feeds are getting clogged with content. There is so much content in a world where the average US adult has the attention Span of a gold fish. What does this mean to you and your business?

You are going to have to think like a gold fish! Content must be able to be good, great even, but you must be able to get your point across in seconds, not minutes. Think to yourself – in a sea of the 2000 plus posts – what will make yours stand out?


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