Is Your Business Sharing a Powerful Story?

What does it take to tell a powerful visual story?

One topic that Mashable is particularly excited about is the rise of new visual platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram. We interviewed Mashable’s Jeff Petriello, head of visual storytelling on the marketing team, to get the conversation started on the latest visual trends.

What are the newest visual tools in marketing and what do they do?
It seems like it’s less about what’s new technology-wise and more about what’s become easier for everyone to do. Photography, videography, animation, editing and manipulation – these used to be crafts with barriers to entry that now are much easier to break through. For marketers, especially in the digital realm, this change shifts targeting to a huge audience with significant creative power, and lets them do more with less cash.

What differentiates these tools from one another? In other words, are there certain stories that Vine can tell better than Snapchat, for example?
Obviously different platforms lend themselves to different forms of content. It might be extremely powerful to see a stunning hi-res image, but that image could lose its value if looped with a Ken Burns effect from iPhoto 2k4 on Vine for all eternity. Knowing what goes where is a mixture of practice and common sense.

What makes these tools effective in media?
Media is all about communication. The age we’re in now gives us more options than ever for how we can communicate. Those options hopefully increase the chance that a story will be told in the most effective way possible.

Where do you see the future of visual storytelling heading?
As we experience a more entrenched commodification of the Internet, I think we’ll see increasingly higher-budget productions on our devices in the next few years. I continue to see games holding a larger share of the audience than anyone gives them credit for, and I’d expect high-profile collaborations in that world, like the one we saw this year between Kevin Spacey and Call of Duty, to multiply.

Like the music industry before it, the world of visual media will become less homogenized, letting individuals curate their own consumption. It’ll be more about the shows, brands and even celebrities that an individual likes, and less about what the industry wants us all to be into.

What does it take to tell a great visual story?
Well, assuming you have a good story to tell in the first place, it’s about making sure each frame has a visual purpose. When I go back and look at movies, photographs or any other visual media that I truly admire, I’m amazed at just how much thought is squeezed into each and every composition. That, and a great team to put it together, like the one I’ve got.

We strive every day to tell our PIP Triad story through our Flickr Photostream, Instagram and Facebook, YouTube, Growth Marketing Blog and our websites, keeping customers and the community updated on current projects, new products and services we can offer, and ways we are improving ourselves as a local business to deliver the best possible quality and customer service. Something you’d like to see more of within our social media networks or portfolios? Let us know!

Explore the Jungle with Dr. Crisp!

10687015_756771197730908_3798583364721529348_n With three practicing offices in North Carolina, Dr. Roslyn Crisp has become a top pick when it comes to pediatric dentistry. Each location has quite the waiting room with large fish tanks, an assortment of games and activities, movies and video game consoles! Dr. Crisp and her staff decided to extend the excitement past the front of the office and into the examination areas. Our PIP Triad team worked closely with Dr. Crisp in designing, producing and installing custom wallpaper for Burlington office on Vaughn Road.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.16.20 AM

Our designers created a bold and colorful rain forest scene to house the Dr. Crisp bear mascot and his jungle friends. Timid or not, young patients can now find excitement in traveling from their parents’ company in the waiting room, down the hall to the dental chair, as they try to spy the bear and his friends along the walls! Click below to watch a quick replay of the installation.

Giving Back to Our Community Every Chance We Get…

IMG_9753Above: PIP Triad’s Lee Whitaker with Kim Crawford of Allied Churches

FullSizeRenderWe want to express our gratitude for our customers’ confidence and loyalty in us this year. To show our appreciation, we have made a donation in your honor to BackPack Beginnings and Allied Churches.

We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day!

Above: Bill McKenna, Michelle Alvarino and Kim Forman of Backpack


PIP Triad Signage Makeover!

PIP Storefront Signage 3We recently made signage improvements to our PIP Triad Burlington location to get our store noticed! The options we can offer our customers are forever evolving. In an effort to promote new signage materials and methods, we’ve installed a few examples, such as window meshes, oversized vinyl banners, an architectural sign hanging above the front entrance, acrylic interior offsets and a real-estate framed sign across the street!

PIP Lobby PIP Banners

Let us help you get noticed with new signage for your location. Whether you want to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with vinyl graphics or are promoting an event, we will have the right fit for you! Visit our NEW Signage Site to get started today!!

PIP Storefront Signage 6 copy

Here We Grow Again!

Inside Sales and Service

PIP Printing and Marketing Services, Burlington NC – Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area


The Inside Sales and Service position has specific objectives of developing new business, growing assigned accounts, converting prospects to new customers, and managing incoming work.


This is a hybrid position that crosses Outside Sales and Customer Service to encompass both the sales phase (capturing leads and lead conversion), as well as providing service to existing customers. It involves a significant amount of proactive phone and written communication.


The sales effort will focus on proactive communication with prospects and customers, which will include estimate follow-up, satisfaction calls, dormant account calls, marketing list verification and promoting center initiatives. The service functions of this role include answering phones, handling walk-in customers, writing up estimates and orders, and on-going communications required to complete the production process.


Primary Area of Responsibility:

Develop new business, grow sales, ensure current customer satisfaction through excellent service, on-going communication with customers and prospects, on-going support to walk-in and call-in customers.


Monthly sales and activity goals will be clearly defined and established with your supervisor and reviewed weekly.


A portion of each day will be dedicated to proactive sales effort and the balance to handling customer service and marketing support, as assigned. This will be challenging to manage and is very dynamic. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that both are handled appropriately and to notify supervisor for assistance when help is needed.


Job Functions:


Sales activities will include but are not limited to:

  • Managing and growing a target list of prospects and customers
  • Proactive phone calls
  • Estimate follow-up & tracking
  • Dormant account calls
  • Customer satisfaction calls
  • List verification calls
  • Capturing leads and adding them to the marketing cycle
  • Weekly reporting of sales activities
  • Annual sales planning


Customer Service activities will include but are not limited to:

  • Managing incoming calls for the center
  • Writing estimates and work orders
  • Assisting walk-in customers
  • Handle routine questions and requests by customers
  • On-going filing and organization of customer service area
  • Following-up on work being produced to ensure accurate and timely delivery
  • Handle customer complaints and concerns and facilitate satisfactory resolution
  • Working with other sales people in the center to support as needed


Expected Areas of Proficiency:


  • Effective utilization of a customer database system
  • Understanding of the overall marketing programs being used by the center
  • Estimating software (Print Smith or Printer’s Plan) and pricing
  • Cross-selling, up-selling, closing and Solution Selling techniques
  • Understanding of the Marketing Services Provider Strategy
  • Complete understanding of the product and service offerings of the center
  • Generate new and repeat sales by providing product and technical information in a timely manner
  • Answer the telephone using the company’s procedures for incoming calls and direct calls appropriately.
  • Determine customer requirements and expectations in order to recommend specific products and solutions
  • Recommend alternate products based on customer specifications
  • Present price, credit and terms in accordance with company policy and procedures
  • Accurately process customer orders and quotes
  • Proactively recommend products and services needed by customers to increase customer satisfaction and improve transaction profitability
  • Contact customers following order delivery to ensure on-going customer satisfaction and resolve any complaints
  • Perform routine follow-up calls
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Present a professional image and demeanor at all times
  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Effective listening, communication (verbal and written), negotiation and phone skills
  • Knowledge of company products and services
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to handle difficult customers with diplomacy and tact
  • Manages time effectively and adapts quickly to changing priorities
  • Able to multi-task
  • Basic math skills
  • Basic understanding of effective selling strategies and techniques
  • Superior organizational skills


Education and Experience:         

  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Minimum 2-years in similar position
  • Knowledge of estimating software: Printer’s Plan, PrintSmith (preferred)


Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office, Excel, Internet,


Please Email Resume To Our Sales Manager

No Phone Calls Please

Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2015

Masterminds at have put together an interesting laundry list of trends to expect in the coming new year…

The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals. Smart marketers know that they need to get ahead of the trends and anticipate the next big things, or else be devoured by their competitors. Here is what I believe could be some of the most interesting developments next year:

crystalball11111Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing. Consumers are going to continue to exert power and influence. The idea of radical transparency is something that few brands are taking advantage of now, and most brands fight it. Next year the best brands won’t be those with the best stories, or sort of made up fictional stories, but those that will give an accurate and real time picture of what they are doing in the interest of the consumer, at any given time.

CMOs will become Chief Simplifier Officers. Most companies create complexity, especially even as the landscape itself is turning more complex. They’ve arranged themselves in endless new vertical silos, by geography, product, or function that hamper them when it comes to working more closely and with the free flow of ideas. To optimize consumer and customer engagements, CMOs will begin to put silo busting on top of their agenda and begin to think holistically about the company’s overall value proposition, integrating messages and insights across business units, geographies, and functional groups.

We will witness the emergence of the marketing technologists. Too many companies think in terms of digital marketing. Instead, they should be thinking in terms of marketing in a digital world. The best marketer in a digital world would be the marketing technologists, people with heavy digital DNA and technology acumen. They will be integrated seamlessly with the marketing groups and will play an important role in how marketing strategies are developed and applied.

The winners will be adept at agility marketing. Social media produced a different, more elusive consumer with short-term thinking. Marketers are now chasing their daily meanderings in “likes”, “shares”, “tweets”, click-through rates, and ever more immediate but pointless metrics. The best marketers will have ever more consumer data, capable of faster adaption, shorter lead times, and always-on, real-time marketing. Instead of the next month or next quarter the focal point for the winners becomes the next hour.

Media agencies will step up and lead. Media agencies have been built to give strictly narrow media recommendations. But today creativity is the currency of an effective media placement. Media agencies will be moving from being media-facing to consumer facing. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and the consumer, they will become their clients’ key strategic partner, even more so than creative agencies, as big data and technology make “Math Men” the most important asset of marketers.

Hispanic agencies will go mainstream. Hispanics are 17% of the U.S. population, and are 56% of total U.S. population growth since the last decade. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power exceeds $1 trillion and is expected to grow by 2017 80% faster than non-Hispanic. Marketers will finally pay attention next year and stop marginalizing Hispanic ad agencies. Those agencies are capable of engaging consumers well beyond this demographic. Hispanic agencies will reach the mainstream in 2015.

Marketing will shift from globalization to personalization. The world is more connected because of technology these days, but marketing is becoming more regionalized, and more localized, even more individualized, as consumers resist homogenization. Personalization is not a trend. It is a marketing tsunami, here to stay, which will transform how we think about and how we manage global brands. Companies will decentralizing their structure and increase regional and local influence.

Procurement will become more powerful. Companies will continue to maintain a cautious financial stance, and marketing procurement will continue to carry a lot of clout, driving for greater accountability and transparency. Procurement will partner more closely with the CMO, CIO, CTO and CFO to remove internal roadblock and it will become more focused on agency operations and improving efficiencies there, not just fee negotiations.

There will be a growing focus on Internal Communications. Companies will be focused on internal communications as a marketing asset. They will look at it as a key challenge and opportunity to create brand ambassadors and make sure that employees and vendors understand and live “the brand,” as well as the vision and strategy of the company.

NEW PIP Triad Signage Website

We are so excited to have launched our BRAND NEW Banners, Signs & Posters site for our two Triad locations! At PIP Banners Signs Posters and More, you’ll find signs for every need. Whether you want to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard with vinyl graphics or are promoting an event, we will have the right fit for you.

Turn your windows into an impactful marketing tool that will get your business noticed.

Maybe you’re hosting or attending an event or trade show… Let us produce the signs, banners, booths, even tablecloths you need to make the right impression and generate new leads fast and effectively. We can even make them interactive with digital watermarking!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.59.02 AM

Take a moment to browse our new galleries of what we can offer you!

Click here to take a look