Thank Your Customers this Season!

With the season of thanks upon us and another year coming to an end, it’s important to review and assess your customers’ needs: how well they were met this year and how you will continue to go above and beyond for your clients in the years to follow.

No matter the nature of your business, we hope you put the customer first. To us, this simply means empathy towards the needs and desires of the customer, the person we are really working for. We started saying it when we realized it was a unifying theme for how we approached our own creative concepts.

To really have an informed empathy, we needed to get to know the customer, or user, through research, workshops, conversations and spreadsheets of data. If you really want to know how to get more right-fit clients, why not just ask the ones you got why you got ’em?

Somewhere in a company’s dealings with their customer is an underlying and intrinsic value that compels the customer to return. Price and quality are reasonable factors in making a sale, but not necessarily in building a customer who trusts you and returns for more value.

Let’s get to work…

Make a list of the clients whose opinion you really want. They are the type of people you want to work with more often, not necessarily the type of companies. This was not about finding more clients but finding the right clients. Type a letter, as honest as could be and hand-signed, asking for their help.

What to ask…

1. What does [your company] do well now, and why do you do business with them?

2. What would make you abandon [your company]?

3. What else could [your company] do for you that would add to their service?

Try to keep the session conversational, almost folksy, to get the participants talking. No “yes or no” questions…

“Tell me two or three things about your interactions with [your company] that stand out in your mind.”

“What else could [your company] bring to the table that they are not bringing now? In other words, what else do you want their help on?”

These can sound overly simple, but simplicity is often what we under value. In the age of data, we sometimes forget the value of just talking to people about what is important to them.

What you will gain…

Hopefully you will be reminded of simple truths about ourselves that we overlooked as everyday fare.

You will learn that your clients can be overwhelmed by the changes their companies face in this new digital age but we provide a “calm confidence” in their decisions to move forward. Now you can better leverage your key insights, while offering stronger recommendations and more robust strategic services. That means more revenue.

Your journey to implement the findings has only begun but hopefully it has started a dramatic overhaul of your approach, offering and company position. Sometimes, to  learn, all you gotta do is ask!



Did You Know… PIP Triad Can Produce Your Company Holiday Cards?

Holiday Campaign_PIP

Does your business stand out in a positive way? Build and maintain a reputation as the go-to company for top-notch quality in product, service and attitude. Show your appreciation for your clients and customers and invite trust and loyalty from your employees and business associates with a small, but meaningful, gesture. Send a personalized message of goodwill toward all of your professional relationships with custom holiday greeting cards from PIP Triad!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Only 73 days till Christmas Day! Have you started shopping yet? Let PIP Triad help you this holiday season!

For your family – PIP Triad offers amazing wood frame wrapped canvas photos! Send us your high res photo and we will make a beautiful ready to hang memory to give has a holiday gift! Our prices compare to other major retailers in the area!

For your customers – PIP Triad offers customizable 12 month calendars! Chose from 3 months at a glance or month to month calendars that hang on the wall! Add your logo and photos to the mix and have a unique gift for your favorite customers!  PIP Triad also offers 1,000’s of corporate branded gifts! Chose from blankets, mugs, cups, towels, coolers, you name it, PIP Triad can brand it with your company logo and your gift list is done!

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Peace Found Between Marketing and Sales!

On Thursday October 9th, 2014 PIP Triad hosted Mark Johns as he presented “How to find world peace, when sales and marketing is at war”!

The well attended event had representatives from across the state! Not only was this a session for education but also a networking luncheon! We would like to thank Mark Johns for coming to the great state of North Carolina to bring this great message to our clients!

Also thank you to the wonderful people who attended the session! Thank you for taking the time and spending part of your day with PIP Triad!

If you were unable to attend but would like a copy of the presentation please reach out to one of our offices!
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Last Chance To Register – This Thursdays Lunch and Learn

Have you found that your marketing and sales departments are always at war? Battling it out on who gets the credit for sales, leads, and more. One wants to go left while the other right? PIP Triad is here to help! This Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 10 a.m. Mark Johns will be settling this age-old battle of war! This event is free and lunch is provided! All we ask is that you register in advance so we know how many lunches to prepare!

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Doing Business Without Signage… No Such Thing

Campaign_Doing Business WO Signage_PIP

Signs, posters and banners can help you build brand awareness and brand loyalty, generate leads and retain customers. Whether you’re a retail store, small business, or corporate marketing, training or human resources department, we can help you with sales promotions, window and store signs, presentation support, or trade show and event marketing.

Like everything we do at PIP, we use the latest equipment for the sharpest resolution in black and white or color to create the greatest impact, giving you the greatest return on your investment. To customize your message, you can choose from an almost endless selection of sizes, and print on paper, cloth, vinyl, canvas, or any number of other materials. We even laminate, mount, add grommets or help you with any other type of hanging or assembly. Have a big idea, or need us to help you with one? It’s easy to make a big impression with signs, posters and banners by PIP!

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