PIP Triad is Mastering Center Court Decals!

PIP Triad pulled off another awesome installation! 

10494516_702656699809025_2542886424026482410_oOur sales and production team designed, produced and installed another center court and quarter court floor graphics, and a few small window decals for the Winston-Salem Rising Stars. The center court graphic was printed on our HP in three separate pieces that seamlessly aligned together on the court by our amazing installation team! 

And a few new logos also appear in the windows of the main entrance to the gymnasium. Large projects like this are always a learning process for both the customer and PIP Team. Our sales reps, designers and production crew work closely together, and with the customer, to figure out the most efficient way to tackle the challenge to get the best quality end product. This installation for Rising Stars definitely goes down as one our our favorites so far!

Got a tricky project in mind? Bring it! No matter the size or situation, PIP Triad will help you get it done!! Visit our PIP Triad on Flickr for more installation photos.



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