Did You Know… Direct Mail is Still a Preferred Marketing Strategy

That’s right… Despite the explosion of digital marketing channels, such as email ads and newsletters, social media and websites, direct mail still proves to deliver better business results.

qp_jul_2014_coverThis month’s issue of Quick Printing Magazine features an uplifting article on the power direct mail still has today. The Direct Mail Association reported that direct mail has a 4.4% response rate compared to the 0.12% rate from email marketing. “The main reason is all of us are bombarded by marketing messages, an average of 3,000 times a day, majority through email…” says Shelley Sweeney, VP and GM of Xerox Data Processing Service Bureau. “We only rememeber a few of those messages. Direct mail is permanent, you get it out of your mailbox; it has physicality and longevity. Direct mail works because people use data and make direct mail relevant. It delivers business results.”

President of Multi-Craft, Debbie Simpson, shared a study by Banger University on how the brain processes direct mail verses digital communication. “Direct mail generated a deeper processing than the digital messaging, because the brain sees the physical matter as more real”. This study also reported that 69% of surveyed consumers prefer direct mail as business communication.


Unlike the vague, impersonal messages going out in the past, recent technology has enabled highly targeted and personalized campaigns. “Advances in big-data acquisition and variable data print have had a huge impact towards enabling this evolution”, insists Judy Berlin, Marketing VP at XMPie. And things like Quick Response (QR Codes) and Near Field Communications have really helped businesses interact and track consumers.

Today, marketers can monitor, analyze results and modify their strategies, “turning a one-sided announcement into a two-way conversation.” But the most successful realize that these direct mail campaigns work best in combination with some other marketing channel, like email. “76% of small-mid size businesses report their ideal marketing strategy is to employ print and online together”, says Sweeney.

As you learn more about your customers and prospects, and are able to utilize that information effectively throughout each communication effort and across a variety of media channels, you can really transform your customer acquaintances into loyal, long-term relationships.

With our integrated direct marketing services at PIP Triad, we can help create and execute your communications across many different formats and media. You get the strength of direct mail combined with variable printing and personalized URLs, merged with the Internet and email to give you a powerful new way to reach your prospects and customers.


Our direct marketing services include:

  • Direct mail design, production and response tracking
  • One to one marketing (personalized marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Integrated direct marketing using personalized URLs and website landing pages
  • Variable data printed materials
  • Personal Web pages
  • Trackable 800 numbers
  • Business reply cards
  • Mail list acquisition
  • Data management

Call us today to see how PIP Triad can help you create your own direct marketing program. It could be the best thing you ever do for your business!




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