Did You Know PIP Triad Offers Social Media Training?

More and more businesses are making social media a priority in their marketing strategy. This is great as online networks are one of the most powerful ad tools right now, however, there’s a right way and many, many wrong ways to go about managing your company’s social media. PIP Triad can help make sure your efforts are paying off.

Social Media Training will empower you and your employees to be more confident & effective in what’s being shared. We want to help you avoid social media disasters and show your team members that using social media can be a valuable business tool (hopefully increasing their performance and productivity).  Too often do social marketers lose sight of standard rules of engagement, developing a blind-spot for inappropriate behavior. We want you and your employees to understand how to properly use the company’s internal social network. 

Whether you already have one or more social media accounts set up for your business or you need some help getting started, our marketing team at PIP Triad will set up a customized workshop tailored to your industry and level of involvement. We will help you understand the basics of each media platform and learn how to better connect and measure the value of each network. We have plenty of tips on how to write content and create integrated programs to directly engage your brand with the market. We we also teach you how to analyze your strategies and how to constanatly adjust to keep efforts on a successful growth pattern.


Our Social Media Training sessions are one-on-one with a member from our Marketing Department and whomever you would like to be involved from your company. Each session requires a 2-Hour Booking Fee. We try our best to make these workshops fun and educational with hopes of leaving you comfortable handling your company’s social media strategies. We’ve recently sat down with Always Best Care Senior Services and Smart Socks to help improve their efforts. Call PIP Triad today to schedule your training!

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