Benefits of Promotional Products for Your Small Business

We’ve all seen plenty of products with big name brands stamped on – some are giveaways, some for purchase. When expanding their marketing strategy, many companies hesitate to dive into the sea promotional products thinking they with the idea that they are too expensive and even the notion that they’re company isn’t popular enough for these items to be desirable.

Reality is just the opposite. Ad specialty items with a company’s logo, big or small, offer the most versatility and cost effectiveness while quickly becoming of value to their audience. They are unobtrusive as most people don’t consider them advertising – or at least don’t mind the ad if the product is of some practicality to them. By being useful objects, promotional products are either kept by the customer for quite a while or at least passed on to a friend or co-worker verses being thrown in the trash like a brochure or mail piece. And when branded items are given away as gifts or rewards, they are automatically associated with goodwill and appreciation which reflects back on your company.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.54.41 PM

Whether you’re just starting out or are just looking for fresh ideas, PIP Triad can help you integrate a promotional product into a complete direct marketing campaign. Direct mail can generate a greater response when the printed materials are accompanied with a promotional product. Whatever your marketing goals, let us show you how we can integrate all of our services for a coordinated, effective campaign. Consider using promotional products for: Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.54.56 PM

  • Customer goodwill & retention
  • Trade Shows
  • Employee Relations & Events
  • Brand Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • New Customer Generation
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Non-profit Programs
  • Internal Promotions
  • New Product / Service Introductions

Majority of consumers gain a positive impression about a company when receiving a branded product; And the more often they use that product – pen, notepad, flashlight, coffee mug – the more they are reminded of your company. More affordable than you would think, promotional products can be some of the most powerful marketing tools with their flexibility, practical use, repeat exposure, mass outreach, brand awareness and ability to build customer loyalty and reflect a sense of generosity upon your business.

Call PIP Triad today to find out how to start integrating promotional products into your marketing strategy!


One thought on “Benefits of Promotional Products for Your Small Business

  1. The promotional products that work the best are the useful products that are valuable to target audience members. A cheap trinket probably won’t be kept for too long. It’s worthwhile to invest more in something that will be used for the long term.

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