Did You Know… PIP Triad Designs & Produces Custom Labels?

Our Sales, Design and Production Teams at PIP Triad had the pleasure of working with Adele Newman, a local entrepreneur. Outside of her day job, Adele stays busy at home making homemade marinara sauce from scratch. She shops for the fresh ingredients, preps, cooks and cans, filling as many mason jars as she can each day… all on her own!

The family recipe originated in Verona, Italy by her grandmother, Nonna Adele. Spending her spare time setting up a small table here and there, mostly at Southern States stores in the county, Adele’s tomato sauce quickly became a hit amongst local shoppers. Nonna Adele’s Marinara Sauce was just recently approved by the FDA and Southern States has offered to put it on there shelves.

Excited about her growing sauce business, Adele reached out to PIP Triad to help her design and produce her first sauce labels.

105997pf_32oz Sauce Label_Adele Newman

Complete with a list of ingredients, storage instructions, nutrition facts, barcode and the heart-warming story behind the recipe, our team worked with Adele to create identical labels to fit 32oz. and 16oz. jars.

Ecstatic about the finished product, Adele shared some with our staff – Nonna Adele’s Marinara Sauce is to die for! We are so happy for Adele and look forward to continue helping her new business grow.

Nonna Adele Sauce Jars


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