The Alamance County Arts Council Reveals New Logo

REfreshing minds, REfreshing efforts, REfreshing look…

PIP Triad has worked closely with the Alamance County Arts Council for many years.

Providing print materials and marketing services for the annual Low Country Bash to nationally recognized exhibits like the recent Art of the Brick that the council hosted this past fall of 2013 in the Captain White House in Graham, North Carolina.

photoThe Alamance County Arts Council has done numerous things for its community over the decades, including a brand new Children’s Museum.

Over the past year, the Arts Council has been developing a new logo in hopes that rebranding themselves will speak to a more diverse, younger crowd and better portray it’s committment to the community of Alamance County.

This past week, at the annual committee meeting, the Alamance Arts Council revealed their new brand to the public.

The new logo was unveiled using a magnetic puzzle piece board we printed in house; Members of the Arts Council were handed magnets and called one by one to place their pieces on the board, building the audience’s anticipation of how the new logo would appear.

We also produced various signs and banners that were displayed throughout the event – some were even carried around by committee members wearing backpacks that held the small banners!

photo 1 copyphoto copy

The new logo will soon be displayed on banners and a new sign in front of the Captain White House at 213 S. Main St., Graham.

PIP Triad is thrilled to once again be a part of something so important to our local community. We are excited for the Alamance County Arts Council’s refreshed look and the attention, inspiration and involvement it will generate!

Watch Alamance County Arts Council President, Lummy Barnes lead the other members in a “Happy” dance after the big reveal!


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