McMichael High School!

In late April Coach Horton from McMichael High School in Mayodan, NC reached out to PIP Triad. He was working alongside with the principal Mrs. Jones, the yearbook department, and the senior class of 2014 to bring a new look and new life to the high school and to improve the look of the campus.

Earlier in the year the school had put up a new digital marquee along Highway 135, that promoted upcoming activities on campus. Now, it was time to bring new life to the physical building. Coach Horton and his team brought an idea to PIP Triad! Working with Marketing Director, Jessica Byerly and Customer Services Representatives Greg Mullis and Karen Lee Nix a plan quickly went into motion!

The Rockingham County school has huge windows and doors that host as the main entry point of the school. The windows had a dark tint trimmed in dark green, made for a not so inviting entrance. The plan was to have the windows become the focal point of the high school and use the space to promote the outstanding student life!

The end result we feel here at PIP Triad is pretty outstanding! Take a look!


IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6703


The Principal Mrs. Leigh Jones was offsite during the installation process and arrived just as PIP Triad Finished the last piece! She immediately started tweeting!


Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 1.00.48 PM


Senior Casey Blackard was featured in one of the windows and came down for quick look before heading to her internship!





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