How Do You Approach Your Customers Through Social Media?

Social Media Today is a great resource for markers and any business trying to market themselves! This independent online community for marketing and advertising professionals has created a thorough understanding of social media and provides crucial insight through live debates and shared content.

The webinar below really makes you think about how you approach your customers through social media…

Who is the Modern Customer? How do they want you to talk to them?

Originally published on Social Media Today, May 1 2014


The modern customer is smart, engaged, and has already researched your product and you. They are well connected, and present on many different channels and platforms. So how do they want to be talked to? They don’t. Modern customers want you to talk with them. They want to talk with you. But as a marketer, what does this relationship look like? Is it your job to continue to engage and educate them? In this webinar, we’ll get to know the 21st century customer and how marketers need to adapt to keep them happy.

Join Social Media Today‘s panel of experts to talk about:

  • Identifying your social strengths and weaknesses.
  • Integrating old-fashioned, human touch techniques with modern customer service.
  • Customizing engagement opportunities to your customers, brand, products, and services.
  • Choosing the best social channels and platforms for your company to connect with customers.
  • Connecting authentically with customers and prospects depending on the channel and platform.

Click to watch: Who is the Modern Customer?

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