Did You Know… Over Half of Young Consumers Are Attracted to Stores Based on Their Signage?

A beautiful sign seems a little gimmicky; it’s nice, but the real purpose of a sign is to tell people what your business does. Even if attractive signage brings in a couple more customers, does its expense justify the cost?

A study of over 63,000 consumers conducted by The Signage Foundation shows that signs can drastically affect the number of people who visit a store, how they judge a brand and ultimately how much they purchase.

Does Signage Matter? Stats Show it Can Seriously Affect Sales

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The survey showed that on average, 29% of people are drawn to stores based on sign quality.

If you break the numbers down by age, people between 18-24 years old are 3 times more likely than other age groups to make a quality assumption based on signage. Over half of all young people are attracted to stores based on its sign.

Many hypothesize that this age discrepancy is due to the impressionable nature of young consumers, who are less experienced at shopping around. Young customers are more likely to use simple visual cues to guide their shopping rather than experience, personal research and rational judgment.

Sign quality also affected people differently by region, the most sensitive region to sign quality being the West.

If you target audiences in any of these demographics, you’d be wise to spend time understanding and implementing desirable aesthetics in your signs, branding and user experience.


Nearly half of respondents—49.7%—said they had driven past or failed to find a business due to unclear signage. Unclear signage refers to small, awkwardly placed or somewhat illegible signs.

 The three age groups most likely to pass over a business whose sign they couldn’t read were the youngest and eldest: 18-24, 25-34, and 65+.

Don’t risk losing half your customers to something so easily adjustable—make sure your signage is always well placed and easy to read from all angles of the road.

Signs vs. Other Media

Signage doesn’t only apply to retail stores; advertising through both indoor and outdoor signs still ranks as one of the most effective mediums in the world. When it comes to learning about a product, brand or business, people indicated that signs are the most significant media source second only to television ads.

Here is the full list of media, ranked by its usefulness in discovering or sparking interest in a product:

  1. TV ads
  2. Indoor signage (i.e. magazine ads)
  3. Outdoor signage
  4. Radio ads
  5. Internet ads
  6. Newspaper ads

Attractive signage is critical for any business that plans to advertise its presence to anyone. Give us a call to find out how PIP Triad can help you get started with yours!!

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