Did You Know… By 2050, You Could Recycle Your Clothes into New Pieces Right in Your Own Home?!

That’s right. The world of 3D printing has evolved tremendously in the last few years and has really taken motion since 2013. This innovation requires a bit of further development but we thought Joshua Harris’ Clothes Printer concept was too cool not to share…

3D Printing Clothes At Home

Current clothing production is wasteful and takes up too much space. This could be a problem when it’s predicted 75% of the Earth’s population will be living in cities around 40 years from now. Space is already a valuable commodity but by the time this migration has taken place, space could be the most valuable.


This idea centers around the concept of feeding your old clothes into his machine, you can then use that material to instantly print the next outfit you’ve had your eye on.

3e475cc12d63160475e3fd30bf2d7287 Thanks to new technology and innovative thinking, urban gardens, a connected global network and private replication technologies, consumers  have more power to stay close to home. One major opportunity we identified was a revamp of  the clothing industry.  We found the clothing industry to be an extremely wasteful and inefficient use of our resources. Clothing is shipped to several different places before being distributed to the consumer.  Also, its lifespan is only a few years before being either disposed of or re-purposed.



The ability to create customized objects, such as 3D printing,  is increasing in sophistication and marketability.  People are becoming more and more aware and comfortable with the concept of printing objects for immediate use.  The technology for a clothing printer exists but is not packaged in a form that would be suitable for consumer use.  With the future potential of printing technology, an at-home clothing printer is a definite possibility.  Our challenge was to define the experience.
We must admit, this is a very creative development with a lot of potential. It could be a possible relief to our environmental resources and an obvious convenience for those at home tired of wearing the same outfits. But what about our economy? Eliminating a major industry such as textile production, one who’s laborers have already been outnumbered by machines, could put even more folks out of work. Not only would manufacturing no longer be a career, retail positions would go nearly extinct as well.
This technology’s timeline still has a bit of length to it. Hopefully there will be a win-win resolution that comes along with it!

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