Did You Know… 70% of Online Purchases are Influenced by Optimized Mobile Sites?

Admit it. You’re not too impressed when shopping on a site that doesn’t have very good product images or doesn’t have a strong appearance overall (weak branding). Doesn’t it frustrate you even more when you just can’t find that product that you just received an email ad about but the link took you no where near it… or you have to constantly zoom in and out to make your way around the web page…


Poorly designed sites on a laptop or desktop are already at a disadvantage to begin with. Those sites and even well designed computer websites can look and function much worse on a mobile device if not optimized correctly, decreasing those companies’  chances of making profit or gaining attention.

That being said, it’s no surprise that the majority of online consumers are heavily influenced by the appearance and functionality of the websites they are visiting on their smart phones and tablets.

Read about the importance of optimizing your business website for tablets and phones  and then ask how PIP Triad can help!!

Mobile Consumers Prefer Sites Optimized for Tablets

Shannon Bryant, 2/6/2014 – MarketingForecast.com

Almost eight-in-10 (77%) of consumers report that having a poor or unsatisfying experience while trying to use a website on their tablet will affect their willingness to purchase from that brand. Other tablet research from omni-channel commerce technology provider Useablenet shows that 70% of consumers say that the quality of photography and design of a tablet site influences their decision on whether to purchase.


In addition, more than 72% of consumers say that they use their tablet primarily at home, either while watching TV or in bed at night. Only 27% say that they take it everywhere, either for entertainment or work. Interestingly, U.S. consumers take their tablets outdoors more than U.K. consumers, who typically use their tablets at home. Useablenet analysis indicates this could be due to the higher availability of Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G technology in the U.S.

The top use cases of tablets for consumers include researching products before buying online (66%), watching videos and browsing photos (63%), checking prices and looking up store information (63%), reading ratings and reviews (54%) and browsing products and building shopping lists for later purchases (51%).

In addition, 61% of surveyed brands believe their customers want a tablet browsing experience that is consistent with the desktop, but optimized for tablet, while 28% think that consumers prefer a tablet experience similar to the smartphone. Ten percent believe that speed and convenience are the only factors that matter to tablet consumers, and 28% of surveyed retailers report that they have created a tablet-specific app and another 20% say they are planning one.


Did You Know… The Grammys Social Team is just ONE Woman?!

How does she do it?!

At PIP Triad, we know first-hand how big of a challenge it can be to keep our Social Media active on a daily basis… keeping up with and sharing business, printing, and marketing trends, maintaining our current followers’ attention and adding to our audience every day. We do the same for our Marketing Clients who need help with their own social networks, whether its continuous activity or just a jumpstart. Can you imaging building hype for a huge annual event such as The Grammys?!? We can’t either!!

Check out Brian Anthony Hernandez’s interview with The Grammys’ one and ONLY Social Media conductor, Lindsay Gabler…

The Grammys Social Team Is Just 1 Woman:

This Is How She Does it All

How would you react if singer Taylor Swift followed you on Twitter, considering she follows only 121 accounts compared to the more than 38 million ones following her? When Swift pushed the follow button on @TheGRAMMYs several months ago, the person behind that Twitter handle had quite the reaction.


“Any other social-media manager would totally understand that I geeked out about that because that would be the ultimate for us: to have our artists follow us, as well,” Lindsay Gabler, the Grammys‘ sole social-media person, told Mashable.

As the senior marketing manager of social media for the Recording Academy, Gabler is tasked with getting music lovers excited 365 days a year, not just on Sunday when CBS broadcasts the Grammys at 8 p.m. ET. And come show day, she’s more than ready.

“I was an athlete growing up, so it’s definitely like going into the big game — butterflies, adrenaline, ” she said. “From 9 a.m. until about 1 a.m. I am completely on and in full mode, live-tweeting and making sure all of the content is being pushed out.

“It’s actually really interesting because since we do have the pre-telecast, there are some artists that find out they’ve won from our Twitter account or from Grammy Live.”

Grammy Live is the show’s second-screen experience, which will feature backstage action, reports and commentary. After the Grammys ceremony, Mashable‘s Brian Anthony Hernandez will join the post-show as a special correspondent. Grammy Live begins at 9 a.m. PT at Grammy.com, CBS.com and on the Grammy Live mobile apps for iOS and Android.

“So most of our followers and most of the people that tune into the show only know about the 12 awards that are given out on air,” Gabler said. “We’re more than just the 3-hour telecast. There’s so many other amazing and rich musicians that are part of the community.”

On Sunday, Gabler will work from about 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. PT, with some data assistance from analytics agency Allied Integrated.

“A huge part of what we do is making sure that we’re tracking the conversation, so we can be fluid and adjust to what people are talking about, what’s trending, what kind of content we should be putting out,” she said. “It’s definitely a challenge.”

Watch the video below to see Gabler compare her role as Grammys social-media manager to a sports commentator.