Did You Know… PIP Triad Can Create Life-size Characters?!

104387_Invitation_NCWHF 2014_Five Eight FourThe North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation is a wonderful organization that assists in the acquisition, management and protection of wildlife habitats within North Carolina and promotes conservation education. PIP of the Triad is proud to lend a hand whenever we can!

Each year, the organization hosts an Annual Wildlife Extravaganza…

Beginning in 1996 the members of the NCWHF organized and hosted the first annual Wildlife Extravaganza. Ever since, this event has been the Foundation’s flagship fund raiser. On average this event will net the Foundation around $50,000. The concept is simple and effective. The Foundation’s members will presale 100 tickets at $1,000 a piece. Half of the proceeds will go to cover the expense of the event and the other half into the Foundations Endowment. One ticket admits two people and qualifies the ticket holder for all prizes. The event is formatted as a reverse raffle that includes 10 major prizes such as boats, guns, ATVs, trips and jewelry and a grand prize.  The 2014 grand prize is $10,000.oo!  This event is hosted at Grandover Resort in Greensboro, North Carolina and is usually held the last Saturday in February. Teena M Koury has served as the chairperson since the first event. Her efforts have generated approximately 1.5 million dollars. We would love to have you attend an event.


We had so much fun helping with this year’s Annual Wildlife Extravaganza this past Saturday! PIP Triad produced the invitations and programs, as well as numerous signs for the event’s auction items, sponsors, general advertising… We even produced life-size cowboys — a few of the foundation’s major supporters — so that they could be present at the event and join other attendees in fun photographs!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.39.06 AM

Visit PIP Triad on Flickr to view more NCWHF Extravaganza Signage!


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