Did You Know… The City of Burlington is Cracking Down on Temporary Signage!

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The same signage regulations for the City of Burlington, NC have been in effect for more than 10 years but haven’t been strictly enforced… until NOW!

As of this Wednesday, January 28th, Burlington zoning and code enforcement officers will more actively search the city and remove offending signs. According to last week’s article in the Times-News, the City Council made the decision last Tuesday to give businesses a one-week notice to hear about these efforts…

“One temporary sign shall be allowed per business location address on individual lots and within unified business developments, but not in public rights-of-way…”  (As stated in the existing ordinance, Section 32.12)

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Local officials report that tax service businesses have been the main offenders lately. Mayor Ronnie Wall calls the small advertising signs along walkways “eyesores”. Enforcement efforts made in the past and ones about to be made come Wednesday are all in response to community complaints.

Check out the rest of the article from Times-News here.

The purpose of these sign regulations, according to the Burlington NC Zoning Ordinance, are to “minimize any detrimental effects of signs on adjacent properties; to prevent advertising, business and identification signs from conflicting with or obscuring signs relating to the public safety; and to insure that permitted signs do not become a public nuisance or hazard by reason of their size, number, placement or structural condition.”


What IS a “Temporary Sign”?

The ordinance definition states that a Temporary Sign is “a sign not of a structural type… The term temporary sign includes signs on wheels or on portable structures such as tent signs, A-frame or T-shaped signs and similar devices, and airborne signs. (Amendment adopted July 10, 2001).”

Zoning officials will remove any temporary signage (signs not attached to the building) that exceeds the 1-per-business limit or interrupts right-of-ways. Removal of obsolete and dilapidated signs will also take place. There are a few exceptions for certain businesses and organizations, such as public/non-profit groups and real estate companies, who are allowed temporary signage with certain restrictions.

Visit www.burlingtonnc.gov to download and review Section 32.12: Sign Regulations.


There is good news… This enforcement won’t interrupt your advertising efforts with help from PIP Triad! We offer plenty of signage options that are still in compliance with the City of Burlington’s Zoning Ordinance. Businesses are still allowed to display window meshes and decals, exterior wall murals, and building-mounted banners – and of course, these ordinances do not apply to a store or office’s interior.

Window clings are an effective, easy, and sleek way to represent your company’s products and services… 

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Wall murals can be applied to almost any surface, even brick!

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And of course your traditional vinyl banners always get the message out, just make sure they are secured to your business structure.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.48.27 PM

Visit www.piptriadsigns.com or stop in to discuss your options!



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