Did You Know… Marketers are Expected to Increase Use of Promotional Products

This insightful article from Ad-ology is just one more reason our owner, Judy Brumley, and marketing director, Jessica Byerly, will be attending next week’s ASI Show in Orlando Florida!

Take a moment to learn marketer’s reasoning behind all of the branded goodies…

Marketers to Increase Use of Promotional Products

Kathy Crosett, Marketing Forecast

Marketers have long turned to promotional products to keep their name in front of consumers and purchasing agents at companies who are in a position to place large orders.  Distributing these branded gifts is a common practice at conventions and trade shows. New research confirms that promotional products give marketers a boost at the time of distribution and in the long run.


Consumers appreciate receiving promotional products from their favorite vendors. In a study published by Relevant Insights, 70% of consumers told researchers they’d received these items from vendors. The best recall was linked to “financial services, retailers, apparel brands and electronics manufacturers.”  Writing instruments have long been a top category with 35% of consumers claiming to have received a pen or pencil. Another 41% have received apparel ranging from caps (11%) to shirts (22%).

This study showed that consumers hold onto these items with 60% keeping them for two years and they use them regularly. Functional products like pens and pencils (over 90%) are kept longer than apparel (23%).

While the majority of promotional products find their way into consumers’ hands at conventions (60%), marketers also give these items away as gifts when consumer begin a business relationship with them (16%).

For the most part, promotional products are all about forging a strong relationship with a client who already does business with a specific enterprise. 55% of recipients have done business with a marketer before receiving a promotional item. That number rises to 85% after receiving the item.

About half of consumers keep their promotional gifts at home. This means the items become part of a consumer’s everyday life and serve as a constant but nonintrusive reminder of their relationship with the marketer. This positive relationship increases the chances that the consumer will return to the business for another purchase when the need arises.

[Source: Promotional Products Work. Relevant Insights. November 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2013]


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