Did you know… Personalizing Self-Promos Sets Your Company Apart from the Rest?

Did you know that personalizing self-promos can really set your company apart from others? While in an obvious attempt to advertise for yourself, promotional gifts customized for your client also shows what you can do FOR THEM.

And… sending these gifts “off” season (in between all the holiday junk sent from competitors) will catch your existing/potential customers by surprise and gain your business even more attention!

Check out Axis Promotions’ success story featured in Advantages Magazine:

High-Impact Mailer Racks Up Connections
By Jean Erickson
November 2011

Axis Promotion reminded its clients to stay in touch when it sent individual mailboxes, filled with customized items, to its most significant accounts, as well as to past clients the firm hoped to gain back. The communication-themed kits were intended to thank Axis clients, remind them of the impact of a promotional mailing, stress the value of personalization and emphasize the many ways the company and its clients can communicate. These included both traditional and high-tech methods, says the firm’s president and founder, Larry Cohen. “Also, we wanted to put a smile on the clients’ faces,” he adds.

While the kits were holiday mailers, they were sent out in April, well after the holidays, to set the promotion apart from the crowded holiday gift season. They promoted the idea that Axis is only a phone call, text or e-mail away. Each mailbox contained earbuds wrapped on a card that said, “We have sound ideas to help you stay in tune with your customers.” The opposite side of the card recommended clients follow the firm on Facebook and possibly win a free iPad 2. Axis gained over 300 Facebook followers through the mailer.

In addition, a postage-stamped brown-paper-wrapped parcel contained a postcard of two children holding tin-can telephones, posing the question, “How do you send a text message?,” accompanied by a tin-can telephone with customized labels: one with jelly beans and the other containing Swedish fish (bearing the message, “You’ll be hooked”). Also, a set of notepads was included, customized with the first initial of each client.

Over 1,000 of the kits were sent out, with an additional 500 currently being used for marketing purposes. Cohen says the promotion resulted in over 25 new client meetings and over $100,000 in business as of late July. Customer feedback was very positive, with one client contacting him to say, “This was by far the most creative thing we’ve ever received.” Another marketing executive said of the self-promo, “After seeing this, why go anywhere else?”


  • Send holiday packages at an “off” time. Axis’ mailing in April caught clients by surprise and helped the company stand out.
  • Personalization of self-promos sets you apart, showing the client what you can do for them as well. Axis customized each notepad with the first initial of each client.



PIP Printing and Marketing Services of the Triad can help your business send “sound” messages and “hook” new clients with a range of promotional products from magnets and keychains, to USB flash drives and personalized notepads, computer cases, portfolios, drink ware, wearables, customized electronics and more! No idea is short of creative when it comes to self-promotion. Let us help find just the right product that best represents your services and speaks the loudest to your customers. Call us today!

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